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Continuous Improvement Coaching

(CIC) Milepost 7

Continuous improvement coaching in identified areas for needed improvements helps sustain your commitment to ongoing improvement...planning and coaching in targeted areas where training is needed, including customer service, sales, supervision, process improvement, problem solving, staffing, strategic planning, and time management.

Monthly two to four-hour continuing education programs, individually tailored to your group, based on your needs as revealed by the management team, follow up Company Benchmark Surveys (CBS), and the Quality Steering Team's (QST) ongoing sleuthing efforts.

How It Works

TLS facilitates ongoing training and development meetings to ensure continuous improvements in teamwork, processes, methods, and leadership practices. Turbo Leadership Systems, working with your management team and the Quality Steering Team, draws from a curriculum of 20 programs to develop this months coaching. These programs are tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring that the benefits which were gained from the foregoing intensive efforts are perpetuated and ongoing problem solving and continuous improvement are ensured. Most of our clients regard the monthly investment small considering the enhanced value this investment provides.

Why Is It Important

With the stress of increased competitions and higher demands on all resources, without continuing attention to the maintenance and improvement in relationships, processes and leadership practices, we may return to defensive behaviors and rigid processes. Continuous Improvement Coaching eliminates the risk of settling in, giving up and accepting "good enough".

Pacific Stainless Products

Pacific Stainless Products

Gale Lasko

GM of the Lamb's Thriftway stores

"We feel very confident about our ability to not only successfully compete for our market share but to expand our market share with new approaches to meeting market needs.

Thank you again, we look forward to your continuing help as we explore additional ways to help all of our managers grow and expand their capabilities to meet our customer's needs."

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