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Construction Partnering

"Putting The Hand Shake Back Into Construction"

What It Is

Partnering is a fundamentally different view of how all members of the construction team can work together. There is a strong orientation away from confrontation to that of creative cooperation.

Partnering is a proactive process used to overcome the adversarial relationships that have built up among contractors and owners over the years. E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc., is given credit by many as the initiator of the practice in private sector construction. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has lead the way in the public sector.

How It Works

Currently, most successful working relationships on construction projects are a matter of luck. Through the partnering process, owners and contractors increase the odds of achieving a truthful and productive contract relationship.

The partnering process focuses on developing a project team of "stakeholders" united by a common mission and objective.

Partnering is a process which responds to the need for building trusting relationships on the project. Trust is essential in a service business. Without it, the construction project slows to an unacceptable pace, inspection costs go up, quality suffers, margins decline and disputes often lead to claims and litigation. No one wins. Partnering develops this essential trust.

Why Is It Important

Whatever your role on the Building Team -- Architect, Engineer, Contractor or Owner -- you need to initiate the partnering concept on your next project! It is the way your project will be most successful in the 21st century.

Partnering's direct benefits to you include:

  • Reduced Litigation Expense
  • Lower Risk of Cost Overruns and Delays
  • Lower Administration Costs
  • Expeditious Decision-Making
  • Reduced Defensive Case Building
  • Better Cost Control
  • Increased Opportunity for Innovation
  • Less Stress
  • Less Rework
  • Higher Quality Project
  • Fun Put Back in Your Work

Facilitated Events:

This is a list of Partnering projects facilitated over the last ten years including the Oregon Department of Transportation, California Transportation Department, and other public agencies and private corporations.

ODOT/Yaquina Bay December 1991
ODOT/Yaquina Bay Follow-up February 1993
ODOT/Yaquina Bay Follow-up March 1994
ODOT/Depot Bay October 1993
ODOT/Cedar Hills Interchange January 1994
ODOT/Highland (Zoo) Interchange January 1994
ODOT/Highland (Zoo) Interchange-Follow-up February 1994
ODOT/Murphy Road-Lava Butte (Mid Sec) February 1994
CALTRAN - California Dept. of Transportation Highway April 1994
Federal Highway Admin. -- Canyonville-Tiller Highway October 1991
City of Camas November 1991
OHSU -- Oregon Health Science University Expansion Wing June 1994
City of Portland -- Columbia Blvd Wastewater Treatment Plant June 1994
400 SW Sixth Bldg. July 1992
Hewlett Packard/Bldg. #7 June 1992
Hewlett Packard/IDC April 1993
Hewlett Packard/Bldg. #11 March 1994
Blue Cross/Blue Shield May 1993
U.S. Forest Service, Atlanta, GA (1996 Olympics White Water Canoeing) Sept.1994
U.S Forest Service, Portland, OR (Johntson Ridge Observatory, Mt. St. Helens) Oct. 1994
GSA/FPS - Regional Emergency Mgt. Control Centers (Philadelphia) Nov. 1994
Hewlett Packard, Fast Fabrication Building Dec. 1994
GSA/FPS -.Regional Emergency Mgt. Control Centers (Denver) May 1995
City of Tigard 3.5 MG Menlor Reservoir Sept. 1997
City of Portland Hawthorne Blvd. Sewer Construction April 1998
BES Sewer System Rehabilitation Final Design 2011 Project 2011

BES Sewer System Rehabilitation Final Design 2011 Project

ODOT - RL Coats Co.
Murphy Road - Lava Butte (Middle Section) - 1994

ODOT - RL Coats Co.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and Monica Schneider for the superb job you both did during the Ocoee River 1996 Olympic Whitewater Venue Partnering Session September 12-13, 1994 in Cleveland, Tennessee.

This past Monday we conducted the preconstruction meeting for the Channel Construction contract, and kept our partnering spirit alive and well. One of the difficult things we had to do was negotiate a large contract modification that reduced the contract price approximately $700,000. Keeping in mind our commitment statement to "discuss both sides of issues openly and honestly," we reached agreement on an equitable price adjustment quickly and amicably.

Our Partnership is already a success!

Thanks again, Larry.

"Channeling Olympian Effort into World-Class Whitewater," I am

Sincerely yours,

Robert L. Griffeth
Contracting Officer
Procurement & Property
US Department of Agriculture

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