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Leadership Team Advance

(LTA) Milepost 2

Creates an aligned leadership team that pursues your Vision of Victory with laser focus

What It Is

The Leadership Team Advance™ (LTA) - A process for helping your leadership team "concentrate on the vital few and ignore the trivial many". The LTA is the result of over 30 years of bottom-line responsibility combined with an equal number of years experience leading workshops with thousands of managers all across the United States and six foreign countries. This workshop is preceded by team member surveys, and then conducted at an off-sight location to ensure full engagement. Built-in accountability insures immediate, profitable action is taken.

How It Works

At the heart of the Advance is the input from those who are best equipped to appraise your current contribution and provide you with the input needed to create breakthrough performance - your peers. The objective of the advance is to build on your Leadership Team's strengths and initiate action steps developed during the Advance to create performance breakthroughs and insure the success of your Vision of Victory.


  1. Strengthen the Trust Required for Authentic Teamwork
  2. Align Our Abilities and Experience To Achieve Our Committed-To Vision
  3. Commit To Fully Empower Others With Authority and Responsibility
  4. Focus On and Leverage Our Strengths
  5. Clarify Responsibility "Who's In Charge Of What"
  6. Secure Full Understanding and Cooperation Between All Departments
  7. Accept Complete Accountability for Success of the Enterprise
  8. Find Ways To Permanently Improve Communication
  9. Find Opportunities To Improve Each Participants Individual Performance
  10. Welcome Disagreement and Master Problem Solving Together
  11. Develop The Ability To Give and Accept Coaching
  12. Energetically Commit to Action Plans That Turn Intentions Into Results


  1. Information gathering concerning the company, each department, and each participant with extensive 360º feedback to assess managerial strengths and weaknesses, is completed prior to the Leadership Team Advance.
  2. Analysis of this information identifies issues of concern, areas for needed improvement, and establishes tentative goals prior to the Leadership Team Advance.
  3. The Advance: Each participant is involved in self-analysis, defining vital problems they must act upon, and with the input of the program process, develop solutions (three action steps) and timetables for accomplishment. Your team collectively commits to implementing over "36" specific measurable actions. The participation process gives your leadership team an opportunity to observe themselves in the role of coach and become consciously aware of how they listen and solve problems creatively. Your team discovers that they can be true mentors and valuable resources to each other. Participants become students of their own behavior as they deal with every facet of your business.
  4. The Action Period is the period between the Advance and the Accountability day (approximately twelve weeks). During this time goals and action steps developed at the Advance are implemented.
  5. The Follow-Up and Accountability Day: During a full day of debriefing, your team continues to receive direct, candid feedback from each other and the Turbo facilitator staff. Comparison of performance against goals, combined with analysis and evaluation of results, provides for deep learning and the creation of a culture of accountability. New action plans are agreed on to further enhance performance and teamwork.

The Advance, although highly action-oriented, also includes the reference book InFormation - How To Gain the 71% Advantage and a Participant Manual with dozens of appropriate resource checklists for use during the Advance and as a future reference. The manual provides supportive information on the management functions and leadership skills that are appropriate to each participant's chosen area for needed improvement.

Why Is It Important

Unlike "seminars", the Advance will not smother your team with principles and concepts, nor emphasize management knowledge. It provides your management team with candid input about areas for needed improvement from their colleagues, suggested solutions to their current challenges, and creates more productive, open relationships with these colleagues. The LTA creates the opportunity to develop more of their latent potential for immediate improvement in performance.

In this way, the Advance is a highly individualized program - not just another cookie-cutter approach to management training. It is a "performance enhancing" workshop with a great deal of before-and-after follow-up to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

RESULTS - More than 3,500 managers have enriched their careers by participating in this exciting experiential learning exercise. At the conclusion of the Advance, participants provide their critique. After giving up a Saturday, l98 of the last 200 people who participated in the Advance have said "Yes" to the question "Would it be worth your time to do it again?" What better testimony to the fact that the Advance truly delivers positive results.


  • Clarify the vision of the team.
  • Greater insight into the interests, motivation and drives of your team.
  • Develop coaching skills.
  • Break down any barriers between team members.
  • Combine and multiply strengths of the team.
  • Develop consultative skills.
  • Team stretches to reach new goals.
  • Identify key performance areas for improvement.
  • Re-focus the team on key result areas.
  • Produces measurable results.
  • Determine where each team member can make the greatest contribution now.
  • Crystallize the team's commitment to producing results.
  • Gives your team the motivation and the mechanics to achieve results in the vital areas that contribute most to their productivity.

Comments from the Leadership Team of our most recent LTA

What important value did you gain from the Leadership Team Advance (LTA)?

  • Confidence and a sense that I'm part of a talented, sincere, and supportive team.
  • Clarity of roles, goals, and potential of individuals, teams, and organization.
  • Ideas and concepts to better communicate with each other
  • Better understanding of our strengths/weaknesses from our perspective and others' perspectives
  • Reaffirming knowledge that there is no malicious intent - better able to work together
  • A respect for each others' workload and roles, which in turn clarifies our own roles and workload.
  • It's all about finding a frame of reference, and I think we've found it or are finding it.
  • Shared vision
  • Actions -› Results
  • Breakthrough self-discovery
  • Built better team
  • Changed vocabulary
  • Empowered
  • Calm and clarity of purpose, goals, action plans
  • Permission to take time to plan
  • Understanding of what we need to do to get better and move forward.
  • I feel empowered! My peer survey results, the "client" recommendations, and the overall participatory, flat organization exercises made me believe in my skills and ability to learn. Now I'm convinced I can provide something of real value to this team.
Turbo Graduates Setting A New Strategic Course

Turbo Clients Setting Communication Standards

Turbo Team Preparing To Go Into Action

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Letter to Larry


Jay Robinovitz

Senior Vice President Chief Officer of Operations Alter Trading Company

I have had the great pleasure to work with Larry and the team at Turbo Leadership Systems during a difficult integration at my former company in the Pacific Northwest. During a time of significant change Larry came in and worked to identify a number of leadership weaknesses. This brought up some tough questions on skills, attitudes and actions. We came out better as a team with a much clearer picture of what was needed to be successful. The project took a very hands on approach to deal with the "elephant in the room" that is often so hard to talk about. Larry's unique experience gives him the ability to look deep into a company and give you the hard cold facts of where you are, and working with the team, where you can go to achieve the highest level of results.

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