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December 1, 2009 Issue 254 To our clients and friends

Little Player With a Big Heart

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
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Start living in the greatest nation of all - Determination

Dave, a district manager for a wholesale food distributor in Boise, Idaho, told Session 4 of the Leadership Development Lab:

"It was 1980 and I was eleven years old. All the boys in the neighborhood played football after school almost every day in the backyard next door to my house in Inkom, Idaho. I was younger than any of the other neighborhood football players. No one thought I was good enough or big enough to play on their team. Since most of the guys were in high school and I was only a 5th grader, they were afraid to let me play with them because they were sure I would end up getting hurt. They would get blamed and we would all be in trouble. I finally had my chance to play one day when my neighbor allowed me to be on his team because someone couldn’t make it and he was short on players. He figured it wouldn’t hurt anything because his team was good enough to win without any help from me. On the opening kickoff the other team received the ball and started to run it back. I was standing behind a little tree in the middle of our makeshift field. It came almost up to my chin. There I was standing behind the tree, and the carrier came running toward me. I figured he would run around the tree and I would be able to jump out and tackle him. He did nothing of the sort. He decided to run and jump right over me and the little tree. I reached up with one hand and held on to the tree with the other hand. He was so shocked that he fumbled the ball when he landed. I had actually made the tackle! My neighbor told me I could play with them any time I wanted to

from then on and I did. I went on to become a defensive lineman on my school’s All- State Football Team.

"This experience taught me that when I set my mind to something and keep asking and trying, I can do it, no matter what other people say or how big the obstacle or my limitations might be.

"The action I encourage you to take is even when it may appear to others that you are not qualified, go ahead and try, no matter what the critics keep telling you is impossible.

"The benefit you will gain as you achieve the seemingly impossible is a sense of self-worth, and a personal sense of empowerment, knowing you are able to do whatever you set your mind to and this will be the launching pad to greater achievements."

"The wishbone will never replace the backbone."

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