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June 1, 2010 Issue 280 To our clients and friends


Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

When in doubt, sell your way out

When you-know-what hits the fan and the survival of your business is endangered, you must begin thinking like a military commander in battle. Often the situation is so serious that you have to step forward and make hard decisions, and make them immediately. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Top military leaders have been studied going back to 600 B.C. Over the centuries, several principles of military strategy that lead to the victory of defeat have been identified. They are now taught to student officers in every military school in the world. By applying these principles of military strategy to your life and business, you can often turn the situation around and achieve extraordinary results.

The first principle of military strategy is the Principle of the Objective. It requires that you be perfectly clear about the goal (or goals) that you want and need to get through a crunch point. In business, the practice of this principle is usually focused on goals related to sales, revenues, and cash flow. You need plans, schedules, and the right people doing the right jobs to achieve your most important objectives. Everyone should be absolutely clear about what they are expected to do, and they must be committed to success, to victory, no matter how serious the crisis.

The second strategic principle is the Principle of the Offensive. It requires that you take action, that you move forward boldly to confront your difficulties and solve your problems. As Napoleon said, "No great battles are ever won on the defensive." Since your natural tendency when you hit crunch time is to withdraw, cut back, and play it safe, you must resist this urge and instead dare to go forward, to seize control of the situation, and to attack your difficulties with firmness and decisiveness.

Whenever one of my companies has experienced a cash crunch, my mantra is, "When in doubt, sell your way out." You cannot cost-cut your way out of a financial crisis. You have to generate revenues, and the only way to do that is by selling something to someone. Always think in terms of generating revenues from sales. Become very aggressive and focused in this area. Every single company that has rebounded from a crisis, including companies like IBM in 1991, turned itself

around by focusing single-mindedly on generating sales revenues. You should do the same.

Discipline yourself to focus single-mindedly on this #1 target, resisting temptations to clear up small things first.

Thorough product knowledge is required to explain features and benefits to your prospective customer. But product knowledge alone is not enough. Your salespeople must also have an abundance of PROSPECT KNOWLEDGE. They must understand the psychology of the decision-making process, what makes your prospect decide to buy or not to buy. That’s why many companies utilize Turbo Leadership Systems™ 6 Steps to Turbo Charge Your Sales© program. They want more PROSPECT KNOWLEDGE. They want to understand the best methods and techniques for finding out exactly what their "A" prospects want and need so they can offer practical solutions to their problems. They want to learn new ways to strengthen and refine their sales presentations. They want to become more skilled in the art of communicating so they can help their prospect appreciate and believe in their product and how it will meet their needs. They want to learn new, effective techniques to answer objections and turn them into pluses. They want to know how to monitor their sales interviews to determine when the prospect is ready to buy. And they want the understanding required to analyze their interviews to determine why they closed the sale, or why they missed it. Most competent salespeople already have an adequate measure of product knowledge. Turbo’s 6 Steps to Turbo Charge Your Sales© program equips your salespeople with vital PROSPECT KNOWLEDGE to go along with their product knowledge. Your salespeople will be more professional, more effective. Your sales will increase. Visit our website at www.turbols.com/ turbo_sales_system.html. For more detailed information. please reply to this email with YES in the subject line and we will call to set up a complimentary exploratory meeting.