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Issue 64 To our clients and friends November 1, 2005
Fifth Year Apprentice
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

On-the-job training can motivate teams to peak performance.

Larry, Plumbing Foreman for a large construction company in eastern Washington, told Session 9B of the Leadership Development LAB:

“During the last couple of months on the remodel of a local Kamiak High School I got a new team member on my project. He was a very hard working fifth year plumber apprentice. Tyler was to become a journeyman plumber in two months and was very skilled at the trade. One area he was not accomplished in and had not had a lot of experience in was layout and print reading. I asked him if I could coach him in this area and he excitedly said yes. I came up with a good way of teaching him. First I have him explain to me how to go through the prints like I was the apprentice and he was the journeyman. By doing it this way, we are accomplishing two things at the same time; he is learning how to coach and I know if he is reading and interpreting the prints correctly. This way I can give him feedback before he starts with the layout of the job. These sessions have been very productive. Tyler is very excited about his new knowledge and expanded responsibility. I now let him do the layout of all our ground work plumbing. One less thing for me to do at a time when we are increasingly busy.

The lesson I have learned from this experience is that people are always ready for new knowledge and expanded responsibility. If I give my crew the proper tools, training

and coaching before they start, they will succeed. This success leads to them being excited about becoming a better tradesman and a more productive crew member, and they will continue to seek more opportunities to grow and learn. This process, once started is self perpetuating.

The action I call you to take is to look for a team member who seeks or needs coaching and training, and make it a point to focus on their next natural step for growth and expanded responsibility. Give them the training and support they need to grow to the next level. Show them that their success is important to you!

The benefit you will gain is you will have team members who respect you, who will work hard for you, and will be there with the knowledge and skill you have given them when you need them most. Through this process you will be positioning yourself for greater responsibility and advancement.”

Turbo’s Employee Opinion Survey continues to show that people do not feel they or their associates are fully trained to do their jobs. Anytime you equip a team member with a new job skill, you create a win, win.


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