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Issue 34 To our clients and friends April 5, 2005
Make the Connection with Training and You will Energize your Team
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Slow down, take advantage of Teachable Moments and You Will Speed Up

Dan, an electrician for a wood products company in southern Oregon, told Session 9 of the Leadership Development Lab:

“I had the opportunity this past week to work with one of our new apprentices electricians. We were to wire in a new exhaust fan and the accompanying automatic controls. The first part of the job was to remove some existing control equipment from a compartment at the motor control center. After removing it, we took the control panel box to a worktable to complete the disassembly before we put it away. The apprentice asked me about the auxiliary contacts located on the controller. I thought here is my opportunity to follow Turbo Leadership Systems© 3 step process for on the job training. We had just practiced all six of the components of the process two weeks earlier at session six of the classes. At a previous week’s session when we reviewed our Employee Opinion Survey score, in the area of on-the-job training it was very apparent that there was room, plenty of room for our maintenance department to improve our training efforts. Larry made the point that it was up to we leaders to do the training not some formal classroom in the sky. The first thing I did was take the time to explain how the

contacts attached to the controller.

Next, by manually operating the magnetic coil, I showed him how the contacts work when energized. Then I had the apprentice hook up a meter to the contacts and he manually worked the coil. Later that day, the apprentice hooked up the control wires and witnessed the operation take place. As we went through what was a more deliberate approach to explaining and training, I could see him get more and more engaged.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that when I take the time in those teachable moments to carefully explain a relatively simple process I realize that I know more than I thought I knew. I had remembered several different applications to relate to the apprentice and he learned from my experience. Through this seeming simple process, I helped multiply our company talent pool on the spot and we were both enriched.

The action I call you to take is to explain even the most simple of tasks you do to those who work with you. The benefit you will gain is people around you will gain knowledge so that in every day performance your team will be faster, wiser, and stronger.” I guarantee you will get all charged up.