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April 8, 2014 Issue 477 To our clients and friends

Picture Perfect Success

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

What’s your Vision of Victory goal?

Jarod, project engineer for a southwest Washington mechanical contractor, told Session 10 of Turbo’s Leadership Lab (LDL):

“My 6-month short term goal with long term implications is to lose 40 pounds before May 1st. I choose this goal for three specific important reasons: my health, my looks and my selfconfidence. My wife and I are leaving for Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean on May 2nd, so this is the perfect goal for me at this time. Forty pounds is a lot of weight to lose in any amount of time, and for me to lose forty pounds in only six months will take a good plan and the motivation and discipline to follow it.

“Here are the three specific things I’m committed to do to achieve my goal:

  1. I will change my eating habits instead of dieting. I’ve tried dieting in the past it’s never worked for me. Changing what I eat and the amounts I eat will be the key to losing the weight. I will avoid fat, sugar and carbs, eating between meals and after 8 p.m., and I will stop eating before I am quite full.
  2. I will exercise a minimum of 6 times a week for at least 1 hour each time. I am a member of Snap Fitness a couple miles from my house so I have no excuses. An hour will get my heart rate up and will burn off hundreds of calories per visit.
  3. I will enlist the help of my wife and children to help me stick to my goal, eat healthy and exercise regularly. They have my permission to badger me unmercifully to keep me on track, or should I say, ‘out of the fridge and on the track.’

“By sticking to my plan I will have no choice but to watch the pounds disappear and become a healthier version of the person I envision being.”

We seldom write a Turbo Charger about physical fitness; I liked Jared's goal of losing forty pounds so he can be slim and trim for

his wife and children on the Caribbean seashore so much that I couldn't resist sharing his story.

Creating dramatic breakthroughs, performance improvements in any area requires sustained motivation. I know Jared is holding a picture of himself in his mind on the warm, sandy beach standing by the crystal clear ocean wearing a swimsuit that's several inches smaller than the one he could wear when he stated this goal. By continuing to hold and rehearse this picture, he will achieve his goal.

You and I are no different. Our first challenge is to get a clear picture in mind of our desired future state. That Vision of Victory has to be so desirable that it gives us the motivation to overcome the temptation to take the path of least resistance and rest on our laurels.

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