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January 8, 2013 Issue 412 To our clients and friends

Learn to Let Go

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Plan for progress & prosperity

“Three weeks ago, the SWCA held the greatest strategic planning session I’ve ever been a part of and I had very little to do with it. For the past eight years I have been involved in strategic planning for various organizations and Boards and have gone through the process many times. For the past two years I have facilitated our planning sessions and we have seen tremendous growth over that time.

“I also learned through previous leadership training that it is not a good idea to have staff leading a planning session and really wanted to move away from that practice. In addition, we have now grown to a point where staff is stretched on how much we can accomplish. I needed to find a way to engage the Board in creating measurable goals for next year. It is very hard for me to release control over anything, especially something as important as the future of our organization, but I knew I had to do something different if we were going to continue to grow.

“I decided to bring on Larry Dennis, Sr., who had successfully put together our first SWCA Turbo Leadership Lab. I knew that he had the experience and energy to get us where we needed to go. After consulting with Larry about the general direction and opportunities I saw, I stepped back and let the facilitator take control. What I saw at the meeting was an active and engaged brainstorming session with new ideas and goals that the Board owned.

“By stepping back and letting Larry take our great Board members through an intentional and systematic ‘green light’ process, we developed, in short order, a clearer mission statement, a great slogan, and new ideas and goals that had never been shared before. The result is an active and energized Board that is excited for 2013 and a clear vision to victory for staff. Rather than wondering if we’re doing all we can, we can now focus on ‘Planning

Construction’s Future!’ (our new slogan) and accomplishing specific and useful goals by agreed-to dates.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is to surround myself with great people and let their ideas and advice help me grow. The action I call you to take is focus on building a strong team that you can depend on and then let them work. The benefit you will gain is a highly functioning team that will accomplish much more than you could ever attain by yourself.”

Planning is when you bring the future into the present. Planning is an activity you engage in before you engage in any other activity. Strategic planning forms the basis for decision making and resource allocation. The best strategic plans are created by those who will implement the plan and contains an inspirational component so that when setbacks are encountered, the inclination to quit is met with persistent determination to win.


Start your year on a high and leverage the exciting promise of the New Year. We will tailor a planning program for you that will guarantee your year starts on a high note and your team will rocket forward into 2013.

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