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March 9, 2010 Issue 268 To our clients and friends

Act on Your Urges

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Don't let a little fear hold you back.

Lisa called me the other day to tell me a great story. She had just attended the wedding of an old high school friend. During the reception, she overheard some people talking. From their conversation, she realized that one of them was the president of International Business Machines (IBM).

He had flown into Portland to attend his nephew's wedding. Lisa overheard someone say that when he arrived at the Portland airport, there was a message for him from the President of the United States.

The reason the President was calling him was because he is a member of the 300- person Presidential round table task force, and the he, in particular, was working on recommendations for the improvement of the United State's educational system.

Since Lisa is a third grade teacher, she saw this as a real opportunity to make some points for her view of what was needed. This would also help her gain some national perspective on the primary school challenges.

How to respond? She asked herself, "Should I approach the president of IBM, who is a personal friend with the President of the United States?" Well, that is exactly what she did. She said, "I am a third grade teacher and I'd like to know about your report." They ended up visiting for over 1 hours. When they were finished visiting he said, "You're a heroine. You're one of the most important people in America." Lisa was a little embarrassed, but not too embarrassed to ask him if she could have a copy of his report to the President. He enthusiastically agreed to send her a copy.

We can learn a great deal from this simple vignette! We certainly can see the need for keeping our ears open, following through when we feel the urge to take action, never letting the fear of rejection, the need toappear "professional," or the desire for approval, hold us back.

Lisa is completing her master's degree this year. Her thesis is on how to involve

parents in the learning process and experiences of their child. The report she and the President of the United States will receive from this member of the President's round table will help Lisa in documenting some of what she wishes to demonstrate in her thesis.

Lisa, congratulations to you for acting on your urge, exercising courage, and following through. We agree that you are a heroine, and so is everyone else who has a dream and follows through with constructive action. Everyone who has a dream and follows through provides the way, the education, the example, and the insight for us to follow.

How do you want to win in 2010? Set your goal, make it clear. You may be surprised at how serendipity happens.

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