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February 10, 2015 Issue 521 To our clients and friends

Blue Plate Special

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Shift Your Mindset to Positive Expectation

Steve Lennon, the Senior Project Manager for JH Kelly, told us this wonderful story:

"My father, Ian Lennon from Glasgow, Scotland, immigrated to the USA in 1965. There was a shortage of skilled electricians in the U.S., and Bethlehem Steel recruited him to fill their need. My dad saw this as an opportunity to give his family a shot at more opportunity and a better life in America.

"He left his wife and two young sons behind in Scotland. His plan was to work hard and save enough money to buy a house and then send for his family. He worked two electrician jobs for 11 months (one from 6:00 AM till 4:00 PM and one from 6:00 PM till 2:00 AM, an 80-hour week).

"He didn't have time between jobs to go back to his studio apartment so he ate at Maggie's Café every night. Naturally, as a Scotsman, he was frugal with his money, especially since he was saving for a house. He always ordered the "blue plate special," which included a main course and vegetable, all for 89 cents.

"Every night for 11 months, the waitress would ask him, "Do you want the soup or salad and dessert?" and he would reply, "No, just the main course and vegetable." He wanted to save his money.

"He finally saved enough for a down payment on a house and airfare for his family. Feeling like he had accomplished something, he decided to celebrate his success and say "YES, I'll have the soup and a slice of apple pie tonight." He thought, "Why not? I've worked hard to accomplish my goal. It's a little reward."

"After finishing the soup, main course,

and slice of apple pie, he was feeling content and ready to pay the bill (including the charges for the additional soup and dessert). To his astonishment, the bill was the same as always: 89 cents!

"He thought the waitress had made a mistake, but she explained the soup/salad and apple pie was part of the "blue plate special," and he realized he could have had the "extras" every night for the last 11 months for no additional cost. He kiddingly asked the waitress if he was in line for a refund for the soups and desserts he had paid for but done without."

Steve's story reminds me that there is so much good just waiting for us. All we have to do is say YES. All we have to do is be a gracious receiver. Expect good. Anticipate good. Life can be like a smorgasbord--all we have to do is get in line. It starts with our belief system. Do you believe in lack and limitations-the natural fallback mindset of worry and fear? Or do you believe in plenty and prosperity? If you can shift your mindset to positive expectancy and faith you will be one of the happiest people on our special blue planet.

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