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Issue 105 To our clients and friends December 12, 2006
Teach Them How to Teach Them How
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Passing it on is the best way to keep it!

Phil, a fabrication shop foreman for a large general contractor in eastern Washington, told Session 8B of the Leadership Development LAB:

"About a week ago, I had an apprentice come to me asking if I would switch one of the workers that was working with him on his crew over to another crew. He told me that the workers’ inadequacy at installing fasteners was holding everyone and everything up. I decided to use Turbo’s positive coaching model. First I wanted to be sure I was in rapport and that I was appealing to his noble motives (Leadership Principle #15 – Appeal To Their Noble Motives) and said, ‘I really appreciate your commitment to productivity while striving for quality and outstanding craftsmanship from yourself and others. Being highly productive with a quality product is how you, me and the company can compete, create and succeed successfully.’ After establishing rapport, I was ready to begin the 3-Step Coaching Process. I said, ‘I have a suggestion that may help you in the short term and the company for the long term, may I mention it?’ His response was a predictable ‘Yes!’ ‘Instead of being so quick to give up on this guy, why don’t you make an effort to apply this coaching on-the-job training technique I’m learning about in Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab™! Show him what you expect of him, how to do it, and tell him why the quality and speed you expect is

important to the success of the project.

Be hands on as you explain the methods you use that will help him speed up his production. Let him see you do it as you explain your method of high productivity that ensures quality.’ Then I said, ‘Give this approach a try and I think you will find a positive outcome.’ He said, ‘Fair enough, and I just I hope it will work. We will see what happens.’

Toward the end of the day he came back to me and said, ‘Thank you, you were right. Your coaching approach really worked amazingly well! He has been doing a great job all afternoon!’

The lesson I learned from this experience is that positive influence creates positive action. Being a coach and teaching others how to coach is very influential with an empowering impact to the entire team.

The action I call you to take is diffuse negativity with your positive influence, be positive as you provide on-the-job training, ongoing coaching, and create a positive environment as you develop your team. The benefit you will gain is you will create good relationships with not only you and your crew, but with your crew and their workers. In other words you will start a positive ripple that will go out like the concentric circle in a pond when you throw in a pebble."


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