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June 12, 2012 Issue 384 To our clients and friends

Project Management Starts With Personal Management

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Clean desk, clear mind

Dewey, a supervisor of delivery systems at a dental equipment manufacturing company, told Session 7 of the Leadership Development LAB (LDL):

“Since becoming a supervisor, I’ve had to improve my organization methods. One thing I’ve done is write out a to-do list each night before I leave work. It helps me remember the next day who to call, what to check on, etc. Another area of improvement has been in the way I handle my mail. Since I work swing shift, I can’t take care of my mail as it comes in. The first thing I do when I come in at 3:00 p.m. is gather up the bundle from my mail slot and add it to the other material that has collected on my desk throughout the day. I then start to sort each piece into different piles of actions needed. I try to look at each piece of mail only once. One pile is throw away, one pile is for paperwork to be filed or put in notebooks and one pile is for action needed -- most pressing on top, least pressing at the bottom. When there are similar things to do , I do them all at once, such as filing or punching holes for notebooks, or putting the throw away paper in the recycling bin on my way to the mail slot.

“Last week, I decided to clean off my desk. I bought drawer organizers for the little junk that was rolling around. I moved the bookshelf closer to my desk and made room for the notebooks and manuals that were stacking up in the corner. I moved the things on my desk that have to stay on my desktop in the most efficient location: pens, pencils and stapler to the right, phone to the left and weekly reminder in the center.

“The afternoon shift isn’t easy for a lot of reasons. By taking these actions to better organize my life, I feel I am more on top of things and in far more control.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is how simple it can be to organize my work area and how dramatic the results can be when I stop to analyze my own efficiency.

“The action I call you to is to look over your desk or work station. Take a few minutes to plan a way to get things organized. Then do it!

“The benefit you will gain is you will have a neater, cleaner, more efficient work area and a better organized way of accomplishing your tasks. You will get more done with less effort, and you will feel better about yourself.”

This business of personal organization is just that -- very personal. Be honest. Remember to be adapt at adapting.

Did you see at least one suggestion in Dewey’s story that you can apply? Do you want to get more done? Feel better about yourself? Maybe work fewer hours? Here is your opportunity to take action and create another win in your world!

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