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Issue 70 To our clients and friends December 13, 2005
Five Times More Enthusiasm Speeds Up Recovery
Can Create A Miracle
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

This Christmas, create your own “Miracle on 34th Street”!

Ted, a foreman for an Oregon acoustics construction company, told Session 7B of the Leadership Development Lab™ (LDL):

“During Session 3 of the Leadership Development Lab™ I was challenged to acknowledge a project I had been procrastinating on and to apply 5X more enthusiastic ‘commitment in action’ to that project. I received a red dot to put on the 5:00 position of my wristwatch to remind me to apply 5X more enthusiasm in an area of my life that was important and yet the most difficult or challenging. Our instructor recommended that we pick an area on our job. As I endeavored to honestly evaluate where I had been procrastinating, putting off what really mattered to me, I chose an area of my life I had been procrastinating on for several years. I decided to buy a house! It happened like a flash. I didn’t know how I would do it; I was just resolved to do whatever it took, whatever I could do. After putting the red dot on my watch at Session 3, the next day I began researching mortgage companies. I had only recently started down the long road to recovery in personal areas, as well as the financial affairs of my life. The

red dot on my watch challenged me to quit procrastinating and go into action. I made an appointment with a mortgage broker, we sat down and went through the loan application process. I was very pleased to learn that I had repaired my credit worthiness sufficiently to qualify not only for a conventional home loan, but also for a V.A. loan with a very good interest rate. This was a dream that I was afraid would not be attainable for a few more years. I discovered that when I faced my fear of rejection, got off my butt and did some footwork, with a lot of hard work, my dreams do come true.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that hard work and perseverance do pay off. I learned to never let myself give up, quit, or go into the victim mode. The action I call you to take is to set your goals and pursue your dreams. Put fear aside and stop procrastinating. The benefit you will gain is your life will have more meaning. You will experience a new sense of personal empowerment that money can’t buy, and you will enjoy the gifts this life has to offer. You just need to you go out and get it with 5X more enthusiasm.”