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November 13, 2012 Issue 404 To our clients and friends

Follow Your Passion

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Engage with your heart

Mike, Executive Director at the Southwest Washington Contractors Association, told Session 4 of the Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“It was the summer of 2010, nearly seven years after first joining the Building Industry Association of Clark County (BIA) as an intern. I had worked my way up to Government Affairs Director. I loved my job and the people and industry I worked for. Almost a year prior, I had applied for the Executive Director position at the BIA and had been passed up by a former coworker who had a little more experience in management. I learned a valuable lesson from my efforts about preparation, but my self-confidence was still a little wounded.

“I had nearly completed my Organizational Management training with the US Chamber of Commerce in July when I learned of an Executive Director position opening up with the Southwest Washington Contractors Association (SWCA). Even though I had failed when applying for the Executive Director position at the BIA, I felt this was a risk worth taking. This risk would mean leaving the comfort of a position I knew well and a professional family that I loved in order to attempt to lead an organization that I knew very little about other than the fact that it was suffering. After consulting with my wife and doing some research on the organization, its leaders and services, I turned down a $10,000 raise at the BIA to take on this new adventure at lower pay and no guarantee that the organization would survive much longer.

“Now, two years later, I love coming to work every day. The SWCA organization has more than doubled in size and I have built new and amazing relationships while retaining many of my previous friends. I have gained new and greater confidence in my ability to lead. Surprisingly, less than a year after I left the BIA, my old position was restructured and eliminated due to budget constraints.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is that it is more important to follow my passion than my pocketbook.

“The action I call you to take is to assess whether or not you are doing what you are most passionate about. If you’re not, how is that affecting your energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis? Could your lack of passion be affecting your pocketbook? Financial security follows for those who do what they love and are excited about what they can achieve.

“The benefit you will gain by following your passion is a more rewarding life and a great sense of accomplishment as goals that truly matter are achieved.”

What are our plans for ensuring that as 2012 ends, your team is prepared for an extraordinary New Year?

We have already scheduled three year-end meetings for major west coast contractors. If you’d like to ensure your team ends the year on a high and is excited about the promise of the new year, give us a call. Tell us about the unique characteristics of your team. We will tailor a program just for you that will guarantee your year ends on a high note and you’re ready to run with high octane fuel into 2013.

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