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July 15, 2014 Issue 491 To our clients and friends

Dreaded Waiting Room

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Make It A Good Day!

We recently received this email from Jim, who graduated from the Leadership Development Lab over 20 years ago:

“Just a note to say thank you. Over the years I have applied those things you have taught me and gladly passed those teachings on to others.

“Just the other day at my doctor’s office I was reminded that how I choose to act defines my life – defines who I am. While I was waiting for my doctor, I browsed through a book I had taken along with me; Repeat Business – 6 Steps to Superior Customer Service, by Larry W. Dennis, Sr.

“The doctor was running behind schedule, the receptionist was trying to learn new in-take software, the lines were long and getting longer, and all the people waiting to see the doctor looked unhappy.

“When my turn came, I smiled as broadly as I could, said good morning, and handed her the forms that I knew she would ask for. I then said, ‘I hope this day will be a good day for you.’ She looked back, smiled and said she hoped so, but everyone is trying to learn this new software.

“I looked around the office and saw four staff with their faces taut in concentration as a person stood behind them to instruct and answer questions.

“I told her that in Minnesota there is a saying that there are two seasons; winter and road construction, and for doctor offices there are two times; really busy and learning new software. All of the people in the office laughed loudly.

“When I was leaving, she called out and smiling, said, ‘You too have a good day.’

“The attitudes I choose not only define my life, they also affect everyone around me.”

I love this simple story because it reminds us that life is filled with countless encounters and little inconveniences. These encounter and little inconveniences are big opportunities to control our attitude – be a thermostat instead of a thermometer. When we choose the high road, to be a thermostat to control out attitude to respond instead of react, we make a big, positive difference in our life and can go a long way toward making the whole day for the people around us.

This is how we define who we are. We are after-all, the authors of our own identity. We are not preordained, predestined to be friendly or grumpy, patient or demanding, intolerant or graceful. We choose these qualities and through these choices, define author of our lives.

So today think before you speak. Think before you act. Choose now that this will be a good day because you will make it so by making it a good day for those you encounter.

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