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March 16, 2010 Issue 269 To our clients and friends

Everyone Loves a Parade

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Stand up, speak out, be counted!

Al told Session 7 of the Leadership Development LAB that he had just made a new product presentation in front of their national sales organization. This is an audience of sales engineers (heavy on the engineer) - they are analytical.

Al is analytical himself, choosing an orderly, thoughtful, precise approach to lifeís problems and decisions. He made a conscious decision two weeks in advance to fully prepare himself so that when he got up in front of their national sales force, he could inspire them, motivate them, challenge them, and stimulate them.

Al spoke with more enthusiasm than heíd ever spoken before - 5 times more enthusiasm, excitement and zip. He spoke faster, louder, and with more animation than ever before.

He said he was out of his comfort zone - way out of his comfort zone. He felt awkward. He thought they were going to laugh at him, but they didnít laugh. In fact, Al could see they were paying attention to what he was saying, even leaning forward a little. When his presentation was over and they took a break, several of the sales representatives came up to him and said, "It was sure good to have a presentation for once that was fun to listen to. You kept us awake and interested." "I didnít know you were such a good speaker." "This is a great program. We are going to have a great year." Al said he could see they were starting to get excited.

Al said the lesson he learned is that, though he may be afraid to appear dramatic, people want enthusiasm, like enthusiasm, and need enthusiasm, even though they may look like they donít. Everyone loves a parade. Strike up the band!

Al followed the philosophy we have been emphasizing for 25 years. There are three things that we can be thinking about when actually making a presentation:


When we present and get less than effective results, it is when we are thinking about:


For best results, forget self and think of:

Get into your subject with your audience - forget about yourself!

The action I call you to take is put a little more enthusiasm - 5 times more enthusiasm - in your life today. Put 5 times the enthusiasm into everything you do. Put 5 times more enthusiasm everywhere you go. I guarantee you that whether people come up to you "after your presentation" and compliment you or not, they will at least be glad to be around you. They will get excited about your ideas and suggestions. The benefits you will gain are youíll be fully alive while youíre enlivening those around you, and youíll win in 2010.

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