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June 17, 2014 Issue 487 To our clients and friends

The You You Wish To Be

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Craft a Picture of the Perfect You

Do you remember the story of the Persian prince who was born a hunchback? It was his destiny to one day be king. He was so tragically deformed that many in the kingdom could barely stand to think of the day when the deformed prince would assume the throne. The king loved the young prince very much; perhaps he loved him more because of his deformity. On his twelfth birthday the king called the prince into the palace and asked what he wanted for his birthday. The King said he would give him anything within his royal kingdom he asked for. The prince replied, “I want a marble statue carved of me to be placed in the royal courtyard.” When the king heard the request, he was so pained that the anguish showed on his face. The young prince said, “Oh Father, not bent over and crippled as I stand before you now, but rather I want the marble statue carved straight and tall.”

The king commanded the royal sculptor to carve the prince’s statue out of the finest white marble. The sculptor chiseled the shimmering stone into a figure that looked exactly as the adult prince would look if he had no deformity, straight and tall.

When the sculpture was finished, the king placed the beautiful effigy in the center of the palace garden. Then every day – every single day – the young prince stood before the statue and strained as he stared up into the eyes of his own likeness.

One day, a palace aid was heard to remark to another that it seemed the prince was standing straighter. This fired the prince’s enthusiasm. He continued his daily ritual and worked even harder to bend his back straight as he stared at his white marble likeness.

The days passed quickly as they always do until the prince’s 21st birthday. As he stood before the marble statue, he was just as straight, erect, tall and handsome as the statue he had at first struggled to look up at.

Take a lesson from this ancient story of the Persian prince. Metaphorically carve a statue of yourself – envision how you want to be seen; draft a description of this ideal you. Hold this picture in your mind every day. Stand before the you you wish to be. Then project yourself into this image. Like the Hunchback Persian Prince, one day you will experience the thrill of having your imagined reality match the perfected you you envision.

I have witnessed the closing of the gap between current reality and desired destiny in my life and the lives of thousands in our programs over the years. You can experience this closing of the gap. The first step is the most difficult – designing the life you wish for – and it can be the most exciting. Start today carving out a likeness of your perfect you; stand before it every day; soon people will be saying, “There’s something about you that’s different.”

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