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February 18, 2014 Issue 470 To our clients and friends


Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
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Training helps them help you!

Steve, project manager for a mechanical contractor, told Session 9 of Turbo’s Leadership Lab (LDL):

“In October 2013 I was working a shutdown at one of our local paper mill client sites. I had noticed that several subcontract invoices had entered my queue that required priority attention. Since I was busy on the current mill shutdown, I asked our site administrative assistant to write up the subcontract addendums in KDocs (our intranet site system), and get them out for signature and submitted to Viewpoint (our accounting software). She said she would. A few days later, I asked if the addendum had been completed. She said, ‘Steve, I haven’t completed these steps in KDocs before and am not sure how to do it.’ I asked her how she processed the invoices she is responsible for. She said that she just sends them over to the office and they take care of it. I apologized and said that I should have asked her if she knew how to complete this process before unloading the assignment on her. I offered to walk her through the KDocs process and she gladly accepted.

“We sat at her terminal together and I used Turbo’s 3-Step On-The-Job Training Process. Step 1 - I walked her through the process screen-by-screen. I showed her each step as I told her what I was doing. Step 2 - I described the process step-by-step as she walked through it. In step 3, she described the process step-by-step as she went through the screens. I congratulated her and told her that she now knew all the steps for formally executing subcontracts in our system. She thanked me and said she was excited to start using the process.

“Not only did my addendums get done correctly and efficiently, she said that she was doing her own in the system and didn’t have to send them to the office any more. It was quite obvious that she felt better

about herself and her job. Helping others grow in their job and feel valued and valuable is the best benefit of the 3-Step On-The-Job Training Process.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is not to assume that everyone has the same knowledge and skill for all of our company processes. When asking someone to do something, I need to make sure they have been properly trained and understand how to complete the task. The action I call you to take is to take a few extra minutes to properly train those you hand work off to, especially with a new process they may not be familiar with. The benefit you will gain is a kind of joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from helping to empower a fellow employee, and will be freed up from a task, a routine you currently do so that you can take on something bigger.”

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