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June 19, 2012 Issue 385 To our clients and friends

When Early is Late

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Where? - One of the 6 vital questions

Don, staff manager for an equipment manufacturing company in Springfield, Ohio, told Session 2 of our Leadership Development Lab:

“Early in my career I went to work for a manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a few years, I earned my first promotion to a management position. Along with the promotion and appointment to manage came a move to the company's plants in Indiana.

“The plant was located about one and a half hours from the Corporate Office in Cincinnati. It was within easy driving distance for visits back and forth the same day. My boss, the Vice President of Manufacturing, came to my plant in Indiana for a day's visit with me on most Wednesdays.

“One Monday morning, my boss called me and asked if I could be in the office the next day. Of course I said I could. He declared the time of our meeting to be 9:00 AM and we proceeded verbally to briefly outline the subject we would cover in detail the following day.

“As a young up and coming manager, I certainly wanted to make a good impression on my visit to the Corporate Office, so I left with plenty of time to spare to assure that I would not be late. I dressed carefully for the occasion - blue suit, heavily starched and pressed white shirt, red tie, black wing tipped shoes and a new leather briefcase carrying every possible detail of the subject. I was as well prepared as a criminal attorney - John T. Molloy would have been proud.

“I arrived a few minutes early and went directly to my boss' office. The lights were out so I went across the hall to the canteen for a cup of coffee. I then went to the secretary's office to ask if Mr. Ionna had arrived. She responded, “Well, no. He went to your Indiana Plant early this morning to visit you!”

“The lesson I learned from this experience is to really listen well to everything being said. If I only listen in part and let my mind begin to think ahead to what you are going to possibly say or do, I can fall short of accomplishing the total objective. Even though I had so diligently prepared, prepared I was not.

“The action I call you to is listen - listen carefully to everything that is being said to you. There will be plenty of time for your response and your response will be accurate and appropriate if you listen first to be sure you have heard all the details.

“The benefit you will gain is totally improved communication. You will be better prepared to teach others the art of listening and strengthen relationships with those sharing your leadership. Everyone likes to know they have shared their thoughts and needs with a good listener.”

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