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March 19, 2013 Issue 422 To our clients and friends

Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

You add value outside of your comfort zone

Kurt, project manager for a Clark County commercial plumbing contractor, told Session 2 of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“In session one of LDL 242 we learned how important it is to step outside our comfort zone because all growth takes place beyond those self-imposed walls.

“Last week I was on my way to a preconstruction meeting at a jobsite in Beaverton. As I drove along, I thought about how in the past I have tried to sit as quietly as possible and avoid attention at these kinds of meetings. I made a commitment to myself that ‘this was not going to happen today.’

“At the meeting I greeted the other attendees with enthusiasm and told the job superintended how glad I was to be able to work with him again. As the meeting continued and it was my turn to speak, I laid out a drawing of the jobsite and began to go over my plan of how we would complete our work. As I was talking about how we would be digging our trenches, the job superintendent interrupted and suggested I hire the onsite dirt work contractor due to the lack of room on site. I thanked him for the great suggestion and continued. The concrete contractors interrupted and said he had a concrete pour scheduled for the day we would be performing our plumbing work. He offered to set his concrete pump in a spot that would not interfere with my work. He also mentioned that he could set the form braces up differently than he had planned to avoid any impact on our plumbing work.

“With every detail I contributed to the

meeting, a roadblock was removed. My foreman was able to work very efficiently because many problems that would have hurt production where now removed. He completed the work in 50% of the budgeted hours. The onsite dirt work contractor was able to do the excavation work for us at 80% of the amount I had budgeted. WOW!

“The lesson I learned is that there is great $value$ in stepping outside my comfort zone and communicating. The action I call you to take is to stand up, speak out and be counted. The benefit you will gain is a less stressful work environment, a more productive team and the satisfaction of a job well done.”

Though some people live 99 years, most people live one year 99 times. Today is your day to escape the confines of your comfort zone and truly come alive so that 2013 will be a year to remember.

New Leadership Development Lab (LDL) starting soon!

Stay tuned for more details.

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