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Issue 45 To our clients and friends June 21, 2005
Praise Helps Ensure Continuous Improvement
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Buying a team member lunch could pay big dividends.

Dale, project manager for the controls division of a large construction company in central Washington, told Session 6 of the Leadership Development Lab™ (LDL):

"Over the last eleven years I’ve worked with a project foreman in the controls division of our company. He has always been a hard working, reliable, exceptionally dedicated employee. After session 3 of the LDL, I began to realize that I had been so worried about my projects and the day-to-day needs of the company that I had failed to recognize that he was one of the important keys to our success.

I decided to acknowledge him by inviting him to a well deserved lunch. At lunch I recognized 'our' accomplishments over the past eleven years and acknowledged that he was the key to our success. I continued on to praise him for his hard work, loyalty and the many extra hours that he had put in when the need called for it. He seemed pleased and thanked me.

Over the last several weeks while we have continued in the Leadership Development Lab™, he has stepped up in helping to organize manpower schedules during our department’s Monday morning meetings.

The lesson I have learned from this experience is that if I

acknowledge and praise people for important contributions to our success they will perform at even higher levels than ever before. They will support the team effort so essential to our overall success.

The action I call you to take is to stop for a moment to acknowledge the team members in your department and in every other department when you see them making a genuine effort. Don’t get so caught up in your day-to-day routines that you fail to recognize the people that helped you achieve your success.

The benefit you will gain is the people you praise will go on to perform at even higher levels than before. At a minimum they will feel even better about themselves and will know that what they are doing is recognized, valued, and makes a difference. You will be an empowering leader and you will help your team fly in formation."

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