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Issue 28 To our clients and friends February 22, 2005
Empowering Leaders are Standard Barrier of Height Ideals
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Don’t Wait to Invigorate, Throw Down a Challenge

Gary, food & beverage manager for a large Oregon Truck Plaza, told Session 6B of the Leadership Development Lab:

“After being approached by several employees about my lead server’s attitude. I decided it was time for us to have a talk. I wanted to find out what was really going on, what was bothering her, what was behind her acting out. I arranged a time to sit down with her, to get her perspective, her point of view. She told me that she was tired of all these servers constantly whining and complaining. She was quite eager to unload, after I listened to her side of the story. I shared my experience in similar situations and made some suggestions for her to consider. I asked her to make an honest effort to see things from the other server’s point of view. I asked her to go back in time and remember what it was like when she started out and then remember that she was more experienced. I reminded her that others expected more of her that she was looked up to as the standard bearer. At the close of our time together I told her that I appreciated the job she was doing and I empowered her with some expanded job responsibilities.

I was looking forward to seeing what her response would be. I was excited as I noticed her becoming more involved with her staff, and she

began to help out in other areas of the business.

One of my servers asked me, 'What have you done to her anyway?' I realize that what she wanted was to be heard and acknowledged. When I shared our goals and some of my past experiences with her, she felt the genuine interest we all want and deserve.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that I must proactively become involved with my team not wait for problems to surface. I must keep our mission, vision and performance goals in front of the team all the time. I need to make listening to what everyone on my team has to say a priority. I must set, follow and reinforce high standards for everyone on my team to follow.

The action I call you to take is to listen to your associates – really listen - not to the text alone, listen to the sub text and then reinforce your standards with all *15 Leadership Principles.

The benefit you will gain is a highly trained staff, a team who respects their manager whose high ideals are more than mere words. Then you can lead with confidence from high ideals.”

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