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October 23, 2007 Issue 146 To our clients and friends
Did You Know

This past week my new friend Marlene forwarded to me the video "Did You Know" (link below). I was stirred as I watched it. I called my wife, Donna Lee, into our office to watch it with me. A few days later we included the 6- minute video in a program we conducted for the leadership team of the Software Association of Oregon. I told them when the short 6-minute video was over I would ask them what its impact was on them. Their answers were provocative and insightful.

Tom, who grew up in his career with Oracle and IBM, said, "The extraordinary changes that are signaled in this program are almost overwhelming. The reassuring fact is that the thing that doesn’t change in our topsy-turvy world, the thing that is constant, is human nature. Our success, our contribution, the maximization of our potential and that of our teams is more dependent than ever on our ability to act courageously, to remain flexible and confident in the face of change. We must communicate and successfully sell our ideas that require change, especially when the changes seem threatening. Empowering, effective leaders show people a positive, compelling vision of the future. This makes change exciting and worthwhile to overcome fears to move into this new, positive future".

It’s true that the one constant is change. Through change we can experience progress and improvement. The ability to work with people, bringing out the best, the

ability to win the cooperation of others is the key to success in an ever-changing world. In our world of accelerated change, our success is determined more today than ever before by our ability to make change work for us, to pioneer change. If our response to change is resistance, we get passed by, left behind, and may, as Thoreau said, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them."

We label groups; baby boomers, Generation X / Generation Y, etc, and yet human nature, as expressed by Abraham Maslow, remains the same. Empowering leaders who maximize performance with all generations must understand and be able to lead with an understanding of how to apply the truth of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as those truths apply to every generation. This requires a highly developed set of leadership skills, confidence, human relation and communication skills. This is how leaders bring projects in on time, wow your customer, and beat your competition. Leaders who champion change as pioneers live lives of joy, fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

Watch the video, email us, tell us what its impact is on you! If you would like tips on three ways you can use this video to create greater value for your team, please reply to this email with "Tell Me More" in the subject line.