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September 24, 2008 Issue 192 To our clients and friends
Service That Blows Away Their Competition

Jim Sly, partner in Hamilton Construction in Eugene, Oregon forwarded the following e-mail to me along with the attachment.

"HCSS writes and sells software for construction companies, primarily for construction bidding. Currently they are also branching into various other programs for dispatching and time keeping.

HCSS prides themselves in helping their customers. They answer their phones 24-7 and absolutely pull out the stops to get people the right answer. Construction companies doing bid estimates get into the frantic mode the last few hours before a bid. Obviously, this is the time when several computers operating on the same system are likely to crash. HCSS always comes to the rescue, as illustrated in one of the examples told to us when we visited them in Houston after buying our system. The HCSS employee who is on

24-hour call takes their cell phone home and sleeps next to it. The expectation is that within 30 seconds of the phone ringing, the employee is up, alert, and probably on their own computer to help the caller.

As Ike, the latest hurricane approached Houston, we started getting emails from HCSS on their planning efforts to continue servicing their customers. We had further e-mails as the wind was blowing. Their latest e-mail below reflects how they are setting up shop while the windows are being blown out of their Houston office building. (see attachment) “This is either service with a capital ‘S’ or Can Do with a capital 'C'."

We at Turbo Leadership never cease to be amazed at the resilience of businesses and the free market systems drive to care for the customer.