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April 26, 2011 Issue 327 To our clients and friends

Appoint & Support Effective Managers

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

You win with a pro team

Leadership makes the critical difference in every organization. Dozens of chief executive officers are fired from top companies every year. In every case, the ultimate reason given for the firing was "failure to perform." And the major reason these senior executives have failed to perform is because they appointed weak managers under them and they didn't have the courage to replace them when they did a poor job, and failed to get the results expected of them. There is nothing that brings about a more rapid change in the fortunes of business than to change the key people in charge of getting results.


The best companies have the best people. The second-best companies have the second-best people. The third-best companies are on their way out of business. Your ability to select good people and then to lead them well is the critical determinant of the success of your business. People are everything. 95% of your success will be determined by the people you hire for key positions. The rule is for you to "hire slow and fire fast."


The rule is that you cannot expect people to perform at high levels unless you have thoroughly trained them to perform at those levels. The most profitable companies have the most advanced training programs for every job from the frontline to the executive and expanded leadership team. The worst companies do no formal training at all. As an example, a good sales marketing team is like a crack military organization. It has great officers and great leadership. Your ability to build a team of worldclass sales professionals is the key to business, sales growth, and profitability, without which nothing else will work.

Genuine Interest

You've heard it said, "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Not only are people the most important asset of your business, but people are also completely emotional. People perform to the degree to which they feel that their superiors care about them as individuals. In today's tight labor markets, your ability to attract and keep good people is vital to your success. And the better your people, the more they expect to be treated with kindness, courtesy, respect and openness. Leadership Principle #2 - Become Genuinely Interested

Hire and keep only people who are willing to put their whole hearts into the job and into making your business successful. Your very best people will always be those with the highest level of personal commitment to you and to getting results. Your biggest problems will always come from people who are uncommitted in some way, for some reason.

Write a description of the perfect person you need to attract to fill a key position in your business. Now answer this question - Why would this person what to work for you?


The Language of Leadership - Communicating For Results - For leaders who want to successfully communicate their ideas; provides a new definition of "communication". Communication is the core skill required to successfully maximize the value of all resources.

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