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October 27, 2015 Issue 558 To our clients and friends

15 Affirmations that Make You a Winner

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Over 40 years ago, I was first introduced to the idea of affirmations (a declaration that affirms who I am, what I'll do and achieve) and can say with complete honesty that I have used affirmations consistently since. Throughout my lifetime I've found that affirmations help give me directions and reassurance when I'm discouraged. They give me faith when I've lost it and help me keep on course.

Truth be told we all use affirmations whether we know it or not, whether we read a book on the subject or heard a speaker talk about the idea. Anytime you say with feeling, “I am tired. I am sick. That’s just the way I am,” or make any declaration about yourself, you have used an affirmation. My experience in working with thousands of adults and being a skilled observer of life has shown me that the vast majority of people use limiting affirmations far more often than they realize. The way to counter balance and eliminate the debilitating effect of negative self-talk, which is the cultural norm, is with deliberate, continuous use of positive affirmations like “I am a winner.”

To consciously, deliberately and intentionally practice stating affirming affirmations may even seem dishonest at first. But what is held in mind reproduces in kind.

The following is a list of positive affirmations for you to start with. Put them to work, you can change your life and in the process change the lives others, far more than you may now realize!

Goal Demonstrating Affirmations:

  1. I vividly visualize myself as the person I want to be, and see myself enthusiastically achieving my goals, every day, in every way, I am getting better, better and better!
  2. I like people, and I radiate warmth and friendship, people like me!
  3. I willingly and gladly cooperate with others in worthwhile teamwork.
  4. I like to meet my positive-minded friends to “master mind” my goals.
  5. I am in the business of going the “extra mile.” I do everything with a positive mental attitude and a pleasing personality. I willingly and gladly jump at the opportunity to serve people—even without compensation.
  6. Ideas are now coming to me that will help me achieve my goals. I thankfully and gratefully accept them.
  1. I am able to organize my thoughts and emotions into a positive driving force toward my goal.
  2. It is so easy and thrilling for me to concentrate all my thoughts and positive feelings on one thing—my goals!
  3. I think before I act.
  4. I persistently act and move toward my goals.
  5. I am perfectly healthy, mentally and physically, and I do all things to properly maintain my health.
  6. I spend my time and money wisely and with maturity. I like money; I use it creatively and constructively. I release money with joy, and it returns to me a thousand-fold.
  7. I sizzle with enthusiasm and power. I am alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic.
  8. In an adversity, I recognize no failure and no defeat. I look, instead, for the seed of an equivalent benefit, and I strive on persistently toward my goals, thankful for the lesson I have learned.
  9. I control my thoughts and feelings at all times. I have an alert, positive mental attitude, and persistently think and act in the direction of my good and my goals.

What are your positive affirmations? What are some negative affirmations you can ditch right now? What positive affirmations will you replace them with?

For more insight and ideas on affirmations read, How to Turbocharge You: 6 Steps to Tap Your True Potential. The first 2 readers to send us an email stating two of your positive affirmations will receive a free copy of How to Turbocharge You: 6 Steps to Tap Your True Potential. Email us now: admin@turbols.com.


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