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January 28, 2014 Issue 467 To our clients and friends


Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
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By helping others, we help ourselves.

Mark, pipefitter superintendent for a Northwest mechanical contracting company, told Session 9 of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“When we were given the 5X assignment at Session 3 of the LDL and asked to apply five times more enthusiasm to a difficult or stalled, languishing project, I decided to apply 5X more enthusiasm to the Lloyd 700 building design. I am working on this redesign project with Glumac Engineering. In the past it has seemed to me that some engineering firms have had a difficult time hitting expected design delivery dates. When these delivery dates are missed, it throws the whole project off. We get the project contract late, and the work is delayed. This affects our cash flow and can affect the building’s occupancy; no one is happy. In the past when these delays have occurred, we have been implicated as the party who caused the delay.

“This Lloyd 700 building project requires demolition and then replacing most of the mechanical equipment on the 17th floor of this downtown Portland building. I went to work with ‘5X more’ enthusiasm with the engineers to create as-built drawings for the existing building’s layout, as well as all of the existing equipment housekeeping pads. In the ideal world, these drawings would have already existed and been available to us. It isn’t easy to go back and recreate drawings of what is already in place. These drawings of the existing equipment are quite important. They will help us coordinate the design and install of new equipment, and make the install easier and faster. The building will have heat and air conditioning restored for tenant comfort much faster, and we will use these drawings to help in the creation of ‘as-builts’ of the new system when we complete the install. This will make future use and maintenance of the new equipment much easier. In addition to creating the drawings, I took it upon myself to put these new drawing plans into an Auto CAD design

format and sent them to the Glumac design t eam in an effort to speed up the process so we can get the final engineering package back in a timely manner. This will speed up the negotiation of our final proposal.

“The lesson I have learned from using 5X more enthusiasm on this project is that I need to go above what is expected of me to achieve the results I expect from others. The action I call you to take is don’t settle for just doing enough; instead strive to do more. Don’t be afraid to go above what is required of you to achieve the results you are looking for. The benefit you will gain is being in the driver’s seat. You will get your desired results and more. You will bring more business to your firm, and earn the respect and cooperation of the professional firms whose help you need to be successful. You will strengthen your team’s reputation and your own.”

Due to the success of SWCA’s
Leadership Development Lab, is sponsoring a fourth open enrollment Leadership Development Lab in Clark County and a second LDL in Beaverton in January 2014! For more info, call us at (503) 625-1867.

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