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January 29, 2013 Issue 415 To our clients and friends

It’s Your Move

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

Change a relationship ~ it’s your move

Alex, staff accountant for a local accounting firm, told Session 6 of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“When we were given our ‘Pearl’ assignment at Session 2, I chose my boss as my ‘Pearl.’ I chose her because our relationship was static, stoic, tense and fearful. Whenever she and I interacted, it was almost always on the basis of correcting me for a mistake I had made. I became resistant to her and I was reluctant to initiate much of anything when I realized she was in my presence. At times I secretly wished that she would not come within the vicinity of my desk. I began to become very judgmental of her and considered her to be my enemy.

“One day not long after I had selected her as my ‘Pearl,’ she asked me out to lunch. I was totally shocked! At lunch we had an amazing conversation about our workplace and to my disbelief, we actually agreed on a lot of topics related to the workplace! I felt like Leadership Principle #14 – Begin With Yes, Yes – emphasize where both parties are in agreement – was in full effect. I was amazed to discover that she is a dynamic individual who shares a lot of beliefs in common with me. She isn’t just some ahole trying to ruin my life!

“The lesson I learned from this experience is that I can be very quick to judge people. The truth is that there are a lot more aspects and elements to people than I give them credit for. No one is an a-hole that is just ‘out to get me!’ Everyone is doing the best they can to be happy in their own work and lives.

“The action I call you to take is be aware

of when you ‘write people off.’ There are flat and dynamic characters in literature. In life there are only dynamic characters; some are already within your awareness and others are waiting to be discovered.

“The benefit you will gain is you will be more compassionate towards other people and your relationships with those you truly care about will blossom into something far greater than your expectations.”

What if every single thing that was happening in your life was actually a vehicle for good? What if everything in your life was part of a good that you can’t even comprehend but can trust anyway?

Hafiz, the 14th century poet, asks, “What if you were playing chess with the most intelligent, wise Being that ever existed in the entire universe and that Being wanted you to become master of the game? Where would every piece be on the chess board that would help you become the master of the game?”

Your life is arranged to help you realize your mastery. This arrangement is to give you the greatest opportunity to become selfactualized. So take a moment today and look for the good. It’s there, I promise!

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