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March 30, 2010 Issue 271 To our clients and friends

One Trip

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership


Mac, the shop foreman for a major trenching company, told our Leadership Development LAB that the office staff of his company meets on a weekly basis to discuss what did and did not work in the office the week before. They also discuss problems, solutions, and possible upcoming challenges. They generally look for ways to make things run more smoothly. They take the time to do problem solving around what may not be working as effectively as it could be, and they plan for the upcoming week.

Mac said, "A couple of weeks ago, I invited myself to their weekly office staff meeting. I just showed up, sat down, and began to participate in the meeting. I made some suggestions and shared some ideas."

During the meeting, Mac made a request of the office staff; "When you order supplies, rather than ordering daily, would you make one list of everything you need for the week and then make one order so our guys make one trip during the week instead of several? This will save a lot of time and reduce frustration."

Their response was, "Sure. We can get organized and pull together a list of needed supplies for the week." And that's the way it's been working ever since.

During the meeting, Mac was able to make other important suggestions to the office team which seemed to help them find some solutions to their problems. At the end of the meeting, they invited Mac back to be a permanent part of their office staff meetings.

Mac took a stand. Mac became involved. Mac assumed the mantle of leadership; he didn't wait for it to be handed to him, he didn't wait to be invited, he didn't wait to be asked. By assuming the mantle of leadership, he began to make an even greater contribution to his company. Certainly Mac feels better about Mac, and the larger team feels better about the team. Rework (extra trips for supplies) has

been eliminated, and problems are being solved faster, easier, more synergistically.

Andrew Jackson once said, "One person of courage makes a majority."

My challenge to you is to stand up, speak out, get involved, be a part of the solution, assume the mantel of leadership. Don't wait to be invited or for somebody to hand leadership to you. Don't complain about not being heard. Don't complain about not being invited. Don't complain about not being listened to. Take the risk of being rejected. Take the risk of being not listened to. Stand up, speak out, and be counted. You will gain a sense of empowerment, and this empowerment will help you and your team win in 2010.

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