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Issue 99 To our clients and friends October 31, 2006
Leaders Lessons in Truth – Communication Skills Essential
To Improve Performance
Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership

One timely moment of truth can save you countless hours while creating an empowered team.

A 25% improvement in performance – no capital investment, new inventories, no new IT programs or additional payroll.

Turbo Leadership Systems™ offers a new *Leadership Insight Program™ to help you create the leadership and communications skills required for breakthrough performance and continuous improvement in your operation. Leaders Lessons in Truth draws on Bruce Bodaken and Robert Fritz’s new book The Managerial Moment of Truth – The Essential Step In Helping People Improve Performance. Your managers learn how to effectively perform the constructive accountability encounter they must initiate to bring the best out in all team members. You create a culture of accountability, a learning organization. You move past excuses and a tolerance of a lackluster performance. Instead of ignoring, excusing, or ridiculing and shaming poor performers, you learn to turn non-performance into a deep learning experience that ensures immediate, lasting improvements. You and your team learn an easy to apply 5-step formula for interacting with an individual or team’s lack of performance. You turn the failure to perform as agreed into a

constructive, cognitive moment of truth and help associates learn the deep lesson required to keep future agreements. You create an organization that consistently and constructively holds people accountable. Leaders Lessons in Truth meets for 3˝ hours once a month for three months. The program can be conducted with as few as 6 and as many as 24 participants. By including all key managers, you have a common language for creating accountable individuals and teams. Your managers will support one another in facilitating “Moments of Truth” with each other and their teams. You will experience the improvements all companies seek and have difficulty achieving because of a lack of skill or willingness to confront behaviors which fail to meet performance requirements.

*Leaders Lessons in Truth is only available to clients who have already participated in Turbo’s prerequisite training.

No frontline supervisors may attend unless accompanied by at least one appropriate member of the senior management team.

Email us for available schedule and full details.

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