Issue: 659
To our clients and friends
October 10, 2017

RV Remodel

Prevent dents in the nick of time

Ned, Operations Manager for a heavy equipment auction in Portland, OR told session two of the Leadership Development Lab:

"About seven years ago I was managing a small auction facility in Southern California. We were 'spatially challenged.' I had an overflow of large pieces of equipment and commercial vehicles on a very small lot. It was time for us to move all of the auction inventory to one central area and get everything set in place, staged for the upcoming sale.

"Prior to starting work that day I held my very first safety meeting. My meeting included at least ten minutes on safety, including the importance of awareness of surroundings when moving these large pieces of equipment and vehicles around our cramped yard. I had stressed 'Please don't run each other over' and 'Be very careful not to run into, nick, scratch, or dent our customers expensive items for sale in the yard.' I even told them, 'Have someone spot you if needed.' I ended the meeting feeling like it had been a success, that I had really gotten through to my crew. Then I headed out into the yard to start the day's work.

"I walked over to a garbage truck that needed to be moved and jumped into the' standard American drivers side' (garbage trucks can be driven from either seat) and fired up the engine. With one hand on the wheel, one arm out the window, and a big smile on my face I began to pull out. Parked on the right hand side of the garbage truck was a late model 28' RV that was in almost perfect condition. I needed to turn right to get to where I was headed. Also off to my right was the crew I had just met with watching me move the garbage truck as they headed off to start their day.

"As I made the right hand turn my crew came into my view, they were all running toward me, hands flailing in the air. I stopped the truck and jumped out to discover that the RV was in my blind spot and that I had begun my turn way too soon! I tore up the side of the RV, bent the front bumper, and side mirror!!! Boy did I have egg on my face that day!

"And the lesson I learned from this experience is to follow my own advice, ask for the help of a spotter. I learned to always err on the side of caution.

"The action I call you to take is never feel you are too smart, too clever, or too experienced to follow all of your company's safety practices.

"The benefit you will gain in the long run is saved time, saved money, and saved face."

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