Issue: 730
To our clients and friends
February 19, 2019

Making Your Team Count

Priorities & responsibilities in harmony

Katie, manager for a CPA and accounting firm located in Lake Oswego, told Session 8B of Turbo Leadership Systems' Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

"Utilizing the new time management techniques from the LDL has positively affected the way I work. About a year ago, we restructured the way the clients each of us are responsible for get assigned. My responsibility increased from 30 to 200 clients who I am accountable for. Then, a few months later, I was also promoted to manager.

"This responsibility didn't all hit at once and I didn't have to take over client-communication for each project but it was a big change in the nature and scope of my job. I quickly realized in this new role that lists were my friend. I made multiple lists: a list for the things I needed to do, a list for things I needed to rack, and a third list for things I needed to assign.

"However, I found that making my daily list did little to give me comfort over my ability to get the work done. In fact, my instinct was to "hightail-it" down the road to Starbucks after completing my list in the morning. After a few sessions of the Leadership Development Lab and reading Making Moments Matter, I realized that the reason my list was not helping was that I was not prioritizing.

I made a list of items, in no particular order. Then, after starting on it, I would inevitably stop one task midway through and start another. Because I did not have priorities, I would often allow other people to dictate my schedule. So, I realized I had to do something. I added a new step to my daily process of updating my "to do" list. After making my comprehensive list, I would then prioritize the top 3 tasks. Then, leaving a space, I would prioritize the remaining tasks below that. This has gone a long way to helping me chart a successful course for my work day. I find that I am no longer jumping between projects. I am able to maintain my priorities for my work, and give accurate projections for when projects will be complete. This has gone a long way toward me being the reliable person I am committed to being.

"What I have learned from my new approach to managing my day is that a list is not a plan. A list is only a plan when it is properly prioritized.

"The action I call you to take is to organize your priorities - at work or in your private life, be intentional about your process for maximizing daily achievements.

"The benefit you will gain is that you will squeeze a full measure from every moment of your day, you will feel in control and be proud of your achievement."

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership Systems

Can you prioritize particulars to perfection?

Can you prioritize particulars to perfection?

—Larry W. Dennis, Sr. President Turbo Leadership Systems