Issue: 768
To our clients and friends
November 19th, 2019

Snow Pass

Turn with Dad

Marty, Project Manager for a contractor providing commercial electrical services in Vancouver, WA, told Session 7B of Turbo Leadership Systems' Leadership Development Lab:

"Four weeks ago I decided to put 5X more enthusiasm into spending time with each of my six children. I had fallen into the pattern of getting home from work and then trying to send the kiddos to their rooms or outside to play so I could get my own time to relax. I knew I needed to change this selfish habit and begin to show my kids that I love them; that they are each very important to me.

"I decided that I couldn't give all of my children 'Dad Time', at the same time. I realized that each of my children needs and deserves their own personal one-on-one time with me.

"My wife knew that my 5X project was to spend more time one-on-one with our kids and surprised me for Christmas with season Night Passes to Mt. Hood Meadows. I have taken our two oldest girls, ages 8 and 7 skiing on Mt. Hood twice already!

"For my next two kids, I have dedicated a half hour to each of them when I first get home from work. We play on the floor, build with Legos or whatever they are doing when I get home.

"Last, but certainly not least, my babies don't get too much active time with me. They get their time with me relaxing! They get to stay up later than the rest and I read to my two year old while the other kids read in bed.

"The lesson I learned from this experience is when I dedicate intentional time to my little ones, I feel better and enjoy each one of them more. They look forward to their time with Dad and understand that it will be their turn soon.

"The action I call you to take is to set aside special time with the ones you love. If you have children, cherish your time with them. They will grow up faster than you think and you will miss those great moments with them.

"The benefit you will gain is great love, happiness and the ones you love will want to be with you more than they can be, for the rest of their lives."

We want, you want, I want to be close, connect with our families - we need this connection. You, they may travel far and wide; if you have planted the seed, put in the time no matter how distant you are, you will always be close.

Congratulations to our
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Dee Stenoian - LDL #282 - Midas

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Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership Systems

Engaging leaders balance work and family.

Engaging leaders balance work and family.

—Larry W. Dennis, Sr. President Turbo Leadership Systems