Issue: 852
To our clients and friends
June 22nd, 2021

Take Aim

Now, focus all your efforts.

Last night we watched our 11-year-old grandson Dylan compete with his team in the Southeast United States Regional Archery Competition. Just after his non-scoring warm-up round, he came back, said something to his dad. Our son's reminder, "Remember just focus." My reply, "That's the secret to everything just focus." Is it over simplistic to say focus is the secret to everything?

When light passes through a window, hits a blank sheet of paper, at the end of the day is there any noticeable change in the appearance of this paper and another hidden in a drawer? Wait a month. Compare the paper exposed to light and the one protected in a drawer. What a difference! Now, hold a magnifying glass, position it exactly right, so the light is focused into one penetrating beam. In only moments, we see a brown spot on the paper. If we keep the light sharply focused, in only a few seconds we will see smoke. There is no more energy, power, potency in the light coming through the window than before. The magnifying glass focuses the diffused energy to a laser beam.

When most people's feet hit the floor in the morning, they have many scattered thoughts about the day ahead. They show up at work, with scattered thoughts, unsure about what to do first, where to focus their efforts. They get off from work, "What should I do with my evening? Diffused energy!" All this changes with focus. With focus, when you get out of bed, you know your primary purpose for the day. When you arrive at work, you know the most important thing you need to do. When you get home from work, you know the most important thing you want to accomplish. You are focused.

Many years ago, at the urging of Earl Nightingale, I began getting out of bed about 20 minutes before I needed to start my day. I took a yellow ruled pad, wrote at the top my goal for the year. Then I began to brainstorm everything I could do to help me a chieve my goal! After I made my list, I prioritized the top three. That sharpened my focus, served as my magnifying glass.

Now, I urge you as Earl Nightingale urged me: "Begin your day," by writing down the main thing you want to achieve. Brainstorm everything you could possibly do. Your list should include at least 12 ideas for achieving your goal. Now, prioritize your top three.

The benefit you will gain from this focus is concentrated energy and powerful impact. You will accomplish many times more than ever before.

Know your target, take aim and go into action.

Larry W. Dennis, Sr.
Turbo Leadership Systems


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—Larry W. Dennis, Sr. President Turbo Leadership Systems