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Within every corporate culture there exists an untapped potential, a profound and positive energy that can elevate performance profitability and personal fulfillment to extraordinary levels. Turbo Leadership Systems™ is a powerful systematic process that influences with integrity the attitudes, behaviors, and bottom line results of client companies in a predictable way.

We invite you to experience your power to create a difference in the world by aligning with other like minded visionary leaders who are committed to reshaping the way America experiences work. Synergize your background experience and inspiration in an amplified collaborative learning laboratory. Join the Turbo team.


Corporate training has been identified as one of the top ten growth industries in America. For 30 years, Turbo Leadership Systems® (TLS) has had a record of success. Affiliating with us allows you to immediately expand and profit from your existing education, business background and experience.

Our primary target markets are companies with between 150 and 2500 employees. This is the most fiercely, competitive business segment. These companies struggle to protect their market share from the sheer size advantages of larger corporations and the low overhead, quick turnaround agility of small mom and pop businesses. Turbo clients are large enough to require formal education and training, but in most cases, too small to accommodate a training department. It makes sense for them to contract an outside specialist like TLS.


Empowering your team to world-class performance is the guiding, motivating mission of our company. We are in business with you, with dedicated resources to support you as you work toward the achievement of your goals.


Can you qualify as a TLS Licensee?
Are people your passion?

Are you motivated by a genuine need to make the world a better place, influencing the lives of others in a powerful way? At the heart of our philosophy is a deep belief that we are only tapping a small percent of our potential. We are committed to inspiring people to believe in and experience their enormous potential.

Is business your background?

We consult with the CEO's of companies who expect us to understand their values, concerns and commitments.

Can you lead executive teams to higher performance and productivity?

Stepping before the executive team of a client carries with it tremendous responsibility. Success in this endeavor requires a centered authority that communicates confidence without ego, authority without command and certainty without dictum.

Is profit, purpose and meaningfulness your motivation?

We are committed to finding meaning and fulfillment in our lives as we work towards increasing our profitability. Making good money, however, is not enough for us. We must know with the setting sun that the work we have done has and will continue to help our clients' organization experience more purpose, meaning, freedom and joy. From this we find our motivation. We are self-directed, self-actuated, energized persons who do not need quotas, rules, time clocks, report forms and bosses to maximize our own output.

Can you sell yourself and your ideas to others so everyone experiences greater profitability?

Selling is determining the needs of others and helping them find a solution to their problems, not telling about your ideas, interests and values. You hold to your beliefs and help the client see how they can achieve their objectives, and experience the empowered culture they desire by following your suggestions.

Are you a recognized leader?

Have you proven in previous endeavors your ability to make things happen and rise to the top?


We know your decision to affiliate with TLS is one of the most important life decisions you will make. It is our intention to be in relationship for many years. The Licensee Expansion Team is the front line support you receive from TLS. This team helps you make an informed decision and guides you through our selection process. They assist you through preparation of critical path and strategic planning for accomplishing your business goals.


This team of experienced, specialized professionals provides your initial training. The team guides the development of your core competencies and supports you through the important first phase of your business. You receive intensive training in sales development, marketing, leadership training and executive team building. Our primary objective is to provide all the support necessary to assure a successful start up. A member of this team will be assigned to you at the completion of your initial training. Together you develop a local business plan and budget. Together you closely monitor your operations performance and provide coaching to maintain quality standards in sales, training, delivery and profitability.


Our National Support Center located in Newberg, Oregon is committed to helping you achieve maximum profits. Utilizing on-line communication technology, they provide immediate and on-going access to assistance in all aspects of your TLS business.


You are part of an established brand. TLS™ is becoming a widely recognized, rapidly growing provider of culture impacting, profit improving training.


TLS™ provides you with a system that maximizes your resources and enables you to deliver superior training services to clients that results in repeat business. We continuously refine our training programs and marketing our systems with the goal of providing TLS™ affiliates with all the tools needed to go to market successfully.


TLS™ provides you with on-going support. Your success is the primary measure of our success. We support you in every aspect of your business, instruction, sales, marketing and administration.


You arrive at your clients equipped with superb, state of the art programs and support materials. Clear, concise, well organized instruction and operation manuals contain the information you need to successfully go about the daily operation of your business.


Profit by sharing your vision. Challenge and inspire executive teams to make the technology of Total Quality Leadership and High Performance Teams dedicated to continuous improvement a reality in the culture of your client companies.

Kindly complete the Confidential Franchise Application report, attach a current resume and send postal mail to:

Turbo Leadership Systems
36280 NE Wilsonville Rd.
Newberg, OR 97132

Confidential Franchise Application
Open PDF and printout: follow the above "Your Next Step" instructions

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Larry Dennis

As a trainer and consultant since 1962, he has personally trained over 260,000 leaders, sales and customer service representatives and entrepreneurs from coast-to-coast and in six foreign countries.

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