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Quality Steering Team

(QST) Milepost 4

"The QST becomes the eyes and ears of your improvement effort"

What It Is

The Quality Steering Team helps ensure the focus and buy-in required for your improvement effort to have long term successful impact, continually closes the loop between all of the constituencies within your organization. The QST function is to help champion your improvement efforts. This working team helps prioritize the quality initiatives that require immediate attention, addresses the planning of change strategies and monitoring of progress, including as appropriate, the implementation of action steps. The QST helps to ensure that successes are recognized and celebrated and that new issues, challenges, and needs are addressed in a timely manner.

How It Works

The QST becomes the eyes and ears of your improvement effort, always on the alert for opportunities to improve communication, put to rest nagging problems, and identify new opportunities for continuous improvement. Turbo commissions your QST, explains the purpose of the team and how the process works. TLS facilitates your Quality Steering Team meetings for approximately 90 days until your leadership team can successfully conduct the meetings on their own.

Why Is It Important

The QST helps to ensure that everyone "is in on it" and feels encouraged to continue their commitment to and support of your change effort, without a broad-based shared ownership, change efforts often fail.

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David Snodgrass

CEO, Dennis 7 Dees

"Through Turbo processes, we discovered a 'big wall.' Individually we could not penetrate the wall; collectively, we were able to break through...We discovered the secrets to team-building inside our company, and that to really be the best, you must build interrelationships, not just 'do the job'."

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