Did You Know?

A six-minute look at the future - and ideas on how to handle the increasing pace of change

The current pace of change is accelerating at a rate unlike any other time in the history of civilization. The numbers are amazing. See for yourself. Watch the six-minute video Did You Know.

After viewing the video, ask yourself: Am I headed in the right direction? What about the right speed? And as for my organization, is it equipped to thrive in the rapidly changing world?

Then, in the form found below, tell us: How do YOU feel about the video? What do YOU think about change? Do YOU have any concerns regarding its accelerated pace? We at Turbo would love to know.

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David Wager

"We at Pro-Tech are experiencing great things as a result of our Turbo Leadership training...We have seen an increase in teamwork and everyone is even more committed to satisfying our customers..."