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"In this book, Larry revives the core principles of leadership with an engaging blend of relevant stories and practical tactics for success. This work should be on the top of every leader's list for both daily motivation and managerial guidance."

Mike Bomar
Columbia River Economic Development Council


Thank you, again, for the dynamic and thought-provoking session with the women leaders from George Fox University last Friday afternoon. We enjoyed having you with us!

Your wisdom and experience will impact all of us as leaders in all spaces of our lives. I, for one, cannot wait to put into practice your coaching techniques!


Sheri Philips
Executive Director of University Relations
George Fox University


Tomorrow is my last official day working for USNR. After 40 years on the job, I will be retiring and moving on. Thank you so much for all your support and training and guidance. You have made positive changes in my life and I will never forget you.

Best regards,

Mike Knerr Vice President USNR

Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc.

Hi Larry

Ran across your contact information in my personal computer last night and was thinking about you. How are you and your family doing? Is the business still rolling? Is Chris still with you? I sure enjoyed the 10 weeks we shared back in 2006. Thing are very good for me here at Apollo. They are a very good company and I made a great move in joining their team. I have grown both personally and professionally from your class. I use those 15 Leadership Principles daily. The graduate guide stays in my truck visor. Take care of yourself maybe we will see you again.

Apollo, Inc.
"Apollo...building people who build great things!"

Dear Wood Tech Speaker:

On behalf of the entire Wood Tech staff, I would like to personally THANK YOU for your participation in our 2008 Wood Technology Clinic & Show! The clinic would not have been successful without your presence and participation.

Thank you once again for taking time out of your busy schedules to share with our attendees your knowledge and expertise in the Wood Technology industry. We trust you each had an enjoyable experience and safe travels back to your given destinations. We welcome your participation in future Wood Technology conferences.

Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc.

The Leadership Development Lab was an awesome experience! Larry and yourself are absolutely some of the coolest people on earth!

Thanks for all your help and the pleasure was all mine

Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc.

Thanks to you & Larry Dennis, Sr. for a fine presentation. This is not my first ‘class' of this sort, but it is the finest I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The young people are awesome to be with. Makes one wish for the magical ‘Fountain of Youth' that is hiding out there somewhere. Although in reality, it was in that classroom for me.

Jim Pardue
Apollo Sheet Metal, Inc.


May 2, 2005

Dear Larry,

On behalf of the Oregon Restaurant Education Foundation Board of Trustees, thank you for your presentation at the Northwest Foodservice Show. We've heard great feedback on the seminar programs we offered and how well the topics were received. Thanks for being part of our success.

We're very pleased with the turnout at the show, with nearly 12,000 people going through the show in three days, not including the 3,200 exhibitors and their representatives. It was a very successful tradeshow for all the associations - and for the industry!

In our effort to provide the best resources and training in the Oregon hospitality industry, we'd like your feedback on the format, presentation, scheduling, etc. We've enclosed a brief evaluation form for you to use and ask that you be very candid. It will help us improve!

Again, thank you! OREF continues to offer practical, timely and useful educational programs at both the Northwest Foodservice Show and the annual Convention. As we pursue developing well-balanced topics and perspectives, creating a forum for both local and nationally recognized experts in the field, we hope we can call on you in the future.

Warm regards;
Sharon Lingenfelter
Executive Director
Lori Little
Training Operations Manager


July 5, 2004

Joseph Platt
Western Regional Account Manager
Turbo Leadership Systems
36280 NE Wilsonville Road
Newberg, OR 97032

Dear Joseph,

It has been just over two months since completing Turbo's Leadership Development Lab and I wanted to write and thank both you and Larry Dennis for the opportunity to participate in the Lab.

As a former leader in the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and community activist, I've always placed a high degree of importance on developing my leadership skills. The Leadership Development Lab offered just the right combination of skill building I needed in areas of enhanced communication, coaching, problem solving, and leadership principals.

Participation in your Leadership Development Lab increased my communication skills and raised my confidence level in turn improved my effectiveness in sales. I highly recommend the program and would be glad to provide a personal reference of my experience.


Tom Merrick
Business Development Associate
Stables, Inc.


Dear Larry,

Thank you for your valuable presentation at the Concrete & Aggregate Conference November 12th. You are a very dynamic presenter. Membership was truly impressed with your message. Everyone could relate to your true to life examples. Than you personally for teaching me that personal notes really matter. Its actually fun & it feels much closer to the person I am sending it to. We would love to have you back again next year. Let's keep in touch.



Thank you for the great presentation–. Your content and style is excellent!

Adele Hughs

Business Development Director

Beacon Graphics

Dear Mr. Dennis,

I want to thank you for speaking to us at the Hillsboro Chamber's First Friday Forum. I truly learned a lot that I hope will grow my business as well as help others do the same. Since I was a lucky one to receive a copy of your book, I am looking forward to reading more of it and learning from the best!

Again, thank you and I hope to see you again soon!


Alison Moore
Beacon Graphics

Hampton Lumber Mills

Dear Larry,

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the work you did with the teams at Hampton Lumber. The employee surveys were an important step forward for us in terms of the knowledge we gained and the insight into the things our employees were thinking about. We were able to get a very detailed picture of how our employees viewed the company and the people that supervised them. The ability to customize the surveys added to the effort and exponentially improved the benefit to our company.

As good as the survey process was, I believe we saw even more benefit from the follow-up sessions with each department and especially with the management teams. The employees felt like we "closed the loop" with them when you reviewed the results of the surveys and solicited further feedback and clarification of specific points of interest. We had many comments from members of the crews that the process was beneficial to them and they appreciated the way the survey was administered.

By far the most important work began with the management team sessions. Our supervisory teams took the information gleaned from the surveys and began to make changes in the way we interacted with our employees. The assignments for each team leader not only provided insight into better supervisory skills, they moved us forward in terms of our efforts to improve operations and the "bottom line" for our company.

We are still talking about some of the issues raised during the entire process with Turbo Leadership. I believe we will continue to see benefits and use the things we learned, everyday in our business. Thank you once again for a successful and beneficial exercise with our company.


Mike Lipke
Hampton Lumber Mills, Inc.

Western States Roofing

Dear Larry,

The Western States Roofing Contractors Association would like to thank you very much for all of the hard work and dedication that you put into our convention this year. Your seminar, "Leadership's Rolein Creating Repeat Business," was a great success and helped make this year's convention one of the greatest in our history. The attendees of your seminar were very impressed by your presentation and felt that they have gained a lot of knowledge that they can take back and apply at their workplace.

We truly appreciate your contribution to the Western Roofing Expo 2003 and would like you to consider leading a seminar again for us in the near future.


Arlene M. Lawson
Executive Director
Western States R.C.A.


Mr. Larry Dennis
Turbo Leadership Systems
5440 S.W. Westgate Drive Suite 340
Portland, OR 97221

Dear Larry,

We wish to acknowledge and thank the Turbo Leadership Systems team for the extraordinary results achieved by participants of A-dec's first Leadership Development Lab. The facilitation by you and your team; Mark Berkovitch, Diana Multanen, Stan Tonneson and Clifton Peters, exceeded our expectations.

As participants we were challenged, motivated and inspired during our twelve weeks together. You kept your promise that we would leave our comfort zones and the results are remarkable. The Leadership Development Labe helped us to forge a special bond that we look forward to seeing in future groups experience. Each of us takes away something different and special. Thank you for your commitment to teaching, coaching and sharing.

Participants in A-dec's next two Leadership Development Labs are eagerly looking forward to their turn. Thank you.


Food Services of America, Portland

Monday, May 22, 2000

Larry - I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how Turbo Leadership helped me and my department. I have been trying to make certain numbers I'm responsible for jive with the rest of the reporting that comes out of our accounting systems for years and to arm my buyers with daily statistics so we would all know how the month will end before it's over. This has not been a particularly easy task since it crosses many departments and because one has to really dig for the numbers to get to them. I made this my goal during our Turbo sessions and had to report on my progress frequently. I kept picking away at it a little at a time and have finally achieved the goal. The result has been buyers who understand their impact on the company's finances much more clearly than they did before, teamwork with other departments who have helped me pull this report together and a realy ability to know where we are on a daily basis. For three monts in a row now we have exceeded our budget in this area. Had it not been for your goal setting techniques and the necessity to tell my peers what progress I had made on a number of occasions, we might still not know how these numbers come together.

A further impact you have made is that I took this goal setting technique to my whole department and asked them to each come up with a goal that would impact the profitability of the branch and report on it at our monthly meetings until it was accomplished. Several people have made great strides in reaching their goals. They have reached out to other departments to do so and have become empowered in the process.

Thank you so much for the new way of looking at things and accomplishing our goals.

Diane Wardini



By Doug Denton, Station Sales Manager

Members of the Truck Stop Management Team, including Fleet Services and Jubitz Tire & Retreading, recently completed an intensive, ten-week Leadership Development Lab. The seminar, led by Larry W. Dennis, author and President of Turbo Leadership Systems, Inc., is designed to sharpen managers' leadership skills and develop new training and motivational techniques. Because of varying work schedules, the four-hour class began each Thursday, promptly at 5 a.m.!

According to Larry Bauman, Executive Vice President, Jubitz Truck Stop, "the purpose of the training is to equip or management team with the tools they MUST HAVE to operate the truck stop in an efficient and profitable manner. Our new facility represents a considerable investment, and to be fully successful, managers need to know how to solve problems, motivate staff and conduct effective training. We selected this seminar following a comprehensive employee survey because it focuses on "realworld" situations, similar to what our managers face every day, and addresses many issues cited by employees in the survey."

The core of the Leadership Development Lab is based on the following 15 Leadership Principles:

  • Lead from high ideals.
  • Become genuinely interested.
  • Don't criticize, condemn or complain
  • Provide acknowledgement.
  • See the other person's point of view.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Play yourself down.
  • Validate the other person's ideas.
  • Dramatize your ideas.
  • Stimulate competition.
  • When you blow it, show it.
  • Avoid dogmatic declarations.
  • Avoid arguments.
  • Begin with yes, yes.
  • Appeal to the other person's noble motives.

Each session required outside reading, active participation (and lots of strong coffee), and included oral presentations from work and personal experiences.

Although all 15 Leadership Principles are essential for success, managers cited the problem solving, enthusiasm, departing from your own "comfort zone", coaching and motivation sessions as the most useful and rewarding in their day-to-day roles as Jubitz managers and leaders.

At the final session, everyone agreed the sacrifice of a few hours' sleep was well worth the valuable knowledge, interaction with fellow managers and practical experience this outstanding seminar provided!

- - -


I wanted to just drop you a note regarding the progress I have seen in some of our managers since the beginning of the Turbo Leadership Training. It is definitely "baby steps," and if you blink, you might miss some of the progress, but it is beginning to show in their enthusiasm and communication.

On a personal level, although I have been through a great deal of training in the past, I find your style "refreshing" and motivating. You are very interesting to listen to (even at 5:00 AM). I have learned a great deal from you by actually implementing the 15 Leadership Principles into my personal as well as professional life. So, when the days get tough (and we all have them), remember you are making a true difference in lives. God bless you and your staff!

Marti Piper
Human Resources - Training Coordinator


February 13, 2000

Mr. Joe Iero
Turbo Leadership Systems
30 Craig Lane
Frazer, PA 19355

Dear Joe,

On behalf of AVL Scientific's sales organization, I want to thank you for participation in our National Sales meeting last week. The Turbo-Charge training programs for both sales and sales management teams were exactly what we needed to help us kick off what should be another successful year for AVL.

After three days of meetings, I know it wasn't an easy task gaining and keeping everyone's attention during the training session. However, with your energy and enthusiasm, you made it look simple as everyone commented on not only the information value but also the fun they had during the learning process. I too appreciate the lessons learned during our interviewing skills session. We plan to incorporate many of the new interviewing techniques and skills immediately as we proceed with hiring five new territory managers over the next four weeks. By the way, our new hire in Chicago is going to get one final chance to prove he can handle the job and the new culture.

Thanks again for all your help training the sales team on some much needed sales skills and our management team on organizing our hiring profile and interviewing skills. It was fun working with you again, and I look forward to you helping us with your expertise in the near future.

Best Regards,

Bill Weiss
Bill Weiss
Director of Sales and Marketing


Sitting in the office tonight about 8:30pm, my pager went off. I am real tired, had a rough day and really that's the last thing I wanted to hear. As I reached for it to look at who was paging me, I saw a little red dot with a 5X on it. Immediatly my mind flashed back to a year ago, sitting in your class and learning about Turbo Leadership. When I placed my call to the person that paged me and responded to his requests, I guarantee that I had at least 10X the enthusiasum that I would have had if not for that dot!!

Lately I have been thinking alot about your class and the things that I have learned and actually applied over the last year. The "Three Steps of Empowering Coaching" and the "15 Leadership Principles" have come in handy, especially as of late. It seems like the business world is changing so dramatically over night it's very hard to keep up. Your training has kept me thinking all the time.

Thanks again for all you've done!

Kimberly Keolker
North Coast Electric, Longview


August 18, 1999

Thank you once again for an outstanding job in presenting and assisting Concentrex with our National Sales Meeting. I think we could definitely say that our sales staff is "energized" and are out test driving hot new cars.

Here are some of the comments we received:
"Great meeting, the best sales meeting I've attended."
"This should be the model for all future meetings."
"The chance to share successes was really helpful to me."
"Came away with an open mind. The No Blame Game makes sense."
"Learned a lot of lessons in the success discussions."
"Helped me to remember to remain positive."

Considering our objective, I don't think we could have asked for a better result.

Best regards,

Lois M. Roberts
Lois M. Roberts
SVP Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service


May 12, 1999

As we wind down to the conclusion of our Phase I Advanced Training Classes, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your contribution to what has been a very successful training program. We knew we needed a big finish to what is a very complicated and hectic week and you were just what the doctor ordered.

With the heavy cardiovascular science that the representatives needed to master during the week, you provided an excellent vehicle to not only close things up on Friday afternoon, but help them remember that they need to take an active, positive role in making something happen. I also appreciate the customization of your workshop to meet our needs. I think the active listening presentation you deliver is very appropriate for even our most experienced people. I was particularly impressed with the research you did on Centocor, our products, and our sales force. I believe that extra effort on your part added not only to your sincerity but to the credibility of your work as well.

Thanks again Joe for all of your efforts and I look forward to working with you again as we begin the planning for Advanced Training Class, Phase II.


Michael A. Burczak
Centocor Inc.
200 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355-1307


We all truly enjoyed your presentation last Wednesday. I've had several calls since the meeting indicating our members really enjoyed your sincerity and your manner of presentation. Keep in touch!

Best regards,

Richard E. Wieide, PC, CE, RECS-President, CCIM
Certified Commercial Investment Members


During the past months I have been searching for ways to mold my group of managers into an effective operational team. I chose Turbo Leadership Systems as a tool to help me accomplish this goal.

Larry, we were successful!! During the 12 weeks we attended LDL, I watched us grow closer together; we learned how to deal with our members and each other in a positive, constructive manner. We learned how to tackle tough "human" problems without causing personal injury. We learned how to become the LEADERS our company needs to continue to be successful.

I am recommending Turbo LDL to our other locations with the certainty they will receive as much benefit as we did!

Flightcraft, Inc.
Kerry Glass
Kerry Glass
General Manager, Oregon

National Video

It was a great pleasure to have you join us at our Sixth Annual Convention at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, last week.

Your participation as one of the speakers to address a general session was very important to the National Video licensee owners. Their positive input confirmed our impression that the context of your speech and the manner it was presented in were very well received.

Thank you very much. We look forward to another opportunity to work with you in the future.


Troy H. Cooper Troy H. Cooper
Executive Vice President
Karin F. Ownes Karin F. Ownes
Director of Advertising
Convention Chairperson
Oya A. Karauzum Oya A. Karauzum
Administrative Manager
Convention Coordinator

Tigard Area Chamber Of Commerce

July 2, 1999

Thanks so much for the "Dynamic" Lunch Forum program you presented on May 18th at embassy Suites in Tigard. The Tigard Chamber members were very impressed with the information you presented. It was good to see our members get pumped up and ready to go do some good stuff.

The Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce is looking to do some training and educational programs for our members this fiscal year. If you would be interested, please send some information with your address and phone number to the Chamber.

Please keep in touch with the Chamber so we may continue to interact with you.

Once again, thank you for speaking to our Lunch Forum group.

S. Carolyn Long
S. Carolyn Long
Executive Director

Volunteers Of America

June 28, 1999

I just wanted to tell you how much my staff, Board and I appreciated the expert facilitation of the Visioning and Team Building session last March. As you recall, the purpose of the session was to address staff moral and animosity towards the Board and senior management over a variety of issues. The session went very well. I have had nothing but high praise for the facilitation process with comments like: "I didn't think it would do any good but it was the best thing I ever did at VOA," "I think we should have another team meeting like this one," and "Keep having this training."

In addition, I am enclosing for your information a letter from one of the staff members indicative of the comments, notes and letter I received after the session.

The session was worth every penny we paid for it. Thanks very much for your help and assistance.

Thomas R. Hudson
Thomas R. Hudson
Executive Director

Volunteers Of America

March 26, 1999

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Vision/Team Building gathering. Being able to see the Volunteers of America organization as a whole has allowed me to appreciate and understand who is involved and how each involvement has a specific, yet very important, role in the success of the organization. Even though each program and each level of management has a unique responsibility within VOA, we are all working toward a common goal and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of that.

I felt comfortable, relaxed, and knew that I belonged there. I had so much fun that it seemed as if I were with old friends even though, many people, I was meeting for the first time. I enjoyed getting to know everyone and I am looking forward to developing those friends and continuing to create a community awareness both within our own organization and in our community.

I enjoyed the luncheon, the daisies were beautiful. They gave me a feeling of making a fresh start or creating "a new beginning".

I don't know who is specifically responsible for each of the wonderful things that happened throughout the day so I hope that you will extend my thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the day rewarding.

Thanks again for a terrific day,
Roberta L. Bondurant
Roberta L. Bondurant
SE Child Card Center


With success comes responsibility and additional burdens for all key personnel. The Management Team Advance helped us focus on the need to fully support each other. That was the focus we needed, and the results are quantifiable.

The past weeks since our Management Team Advance have offered innumerable opportunities to put into practice the commitments we made to each other during the MTA. We have been able to continue to effectively address many of the challenges resulting from rapidly accelerating growth through increased openness and communication. Communication throughout all strata of our organization has improved dramatically.

Thanks for your careful attention to each person's individual needs, while consistently stretching and moving us forward in the process of developing true teamwork.

Cary D. Jones
Cary D. Jones
Vice President and General Manager


I thought it might be of interest to update you on the progress of our Assistant Warehouse Manager, Arlen Schleif. Arlen completed the Leadership Development LAB Course this past winter. It has been a pleasure to watch Arlen mature and grow this past year. His supervising skills have increased dramatically. The crew now works as a team at a much higher efficiency rate. He leads by example with enthusiasm. Arlen continues to take on new challenges.

Mel Rogie
Mel Rogie
Vice President


I would like to thank you for your encouragement over the past 2 weeks. I have had some difficult projects and with your encouragement I was able to overcome the problems and accomplish the tasks, thus finishing the projects.

I am proud to say I learned some valuable tools I will carry with me from now on, you and your training have made a difference.

Rick L. Thompson
Rick L. Thompson
Project Manager - Pence/Kelly Construction. Inc.


I would like take the opportunity to let you know how much I've appreciated my LDL Leadership Development LAB. I have to be honest with you; I was very apprehensive to take the course, mostly because of the time it would commit me to. But what a difference it has made for me. It is good for us to be challenged in our lives and take risks, because it is in these instances that we can grow! Six weeks ago I was not comfortable to speak in front of others, and not as open for new management techniques which now I can and will employ. For instance, some of the most valuable things I've received from this class are:

  1. Positive Praise to employees for work and achievements well done.
  2. Letting ideas and new approaches be my crews ideas! Not always mine.
  3. Creative Brainstorming on situations relevant to our Department.
  4. Listening is very vital to employee Development!
  5. Enthusiasm in myself can bounce off to my crew and in turn cause a significantly Happy atmosphere for my crew and Customers!

These are just some highlights, that have sparked me to make my management position and career with Nordstrom, one the best I can be, and for all those I encounter in it! I believe strongly that we must have people skills that are positive, and enthusiastic, because then and only then can we be effective and responsible managers to our company. If we don't employ those skills, work at them and endeavor always to be our best, then we also will reflect this to our customers whom ultimately make our company possible!

So I just want to say Thanks for getting me into this class, inspiring me to be the best I can be and making it have difference in my attitude!

Kenn Sebastian
Ken Sebastian
Menswear Manager

GTE Northwest Incorporated
Inter-Office Memo

Beaverton, Oregon
GTE Northwest Incorporated

From:  R. J. Black, Service Operations Manager-Southern

Recently, 35 Southern Area operations employees completed Turbo Leadership's Leadership Development LAB. The class met for one night per week for 12 weeks, and involved all of the participants in a wide range of speaking and leadership exercises. For example, students got practice in:

  • extemporaneous speaking
  • giving positive reinforcement
  • developing enthusiasm
  • asking for commitment
  • team building
  • reprimanding for poor performance
  • motivating employees to achieve higher goals.

Response to the course was very encouraging. Participants mentioned many benefits they received through their involvement. Several people cited additional confidence they had gained in speaking to groups and improved communication with their co-workers. Improvements in interdepartmental coordination and increased willingness to confront problems were also mentioned. Overall, participants experienced growth in their supervisory/management skills.

I have seen and heard the participants apply their training in their jobs and feel that we have developed a more positive participative management approach as a result of the Leadership Development LAB. I recommend the course to other work groups interested in improving cooperation, problem solving and team work.

R. J. Black
R. J. Black


I would like to introduce Larry Dennis of Turbo Leadership Systems to you. I first met Larry when Gary Olson and I were on a search for a program that would benefit STP graduates, Also, the Education Committee was looking for a program that members could take to enhance their leadership and communication skills. We were able to meet all these criteria when we endorsed the Leadership Development LAB presented by Turbo Leadership.

As a graduate, I can tell you that the Lab has been helpful to me both personally and professionally. The enthusiastic attitude of Larry Dennis makes the Lab a fun learning experience. We (The Education Committee) have endorsed this program for the membership and worked with Larry in putting together special AGC classes. I highly recommend it and think it would become a valuable part of your education program.

Robert W. Schommer
Robert W. Schommer
Vice President


As my sons reach the final days of your Leadership Development LAB I feel it appropriate to report my findings. I was seeing a very noticeable change in their poise and self-confidence in 3 weeks. Going into week 12 they have made a complete transition out of their comfort zone. Their leadership skills are helping run our business. I can only wish that I had that training 25 years ago.

In closing thank you for the professional service you have provided and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Art Morse
Art Morse


I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your staff on the partnering workshop in Portland, Oregon, this fall. You were very professional, knowledgeable of the process and truly effective as a partnering facilitator.

The first-hand experience was great for me. I am able to share it with our senior and graduate students in our discussions on partnering.

The partnering process, properly facilitated, is making a profound, positive impact on our industry.

If I can be of assistance to you and your team in the future, please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully sent,
Harold D. Pritchett
Harold D. Pritchett
Professor of Civil Engineering and
OSU Construction Program Coordinator


I want to thank you for the "Leadership Workshop" you presented to our sales team November 5th.

I enjoyed it myself and I received several enthusiastic comments from our account executives.

I want to refer you to Denise Sharp at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

I let Denise know that I felt your presentation would be a value to chamber members and their sales, management and a general staff people.

Thanks again.

George Gearhart
George Gearhart
Director of Marketing


I can always tell how well a program was received by our staff by the number of hours they discuss it after the speaker has left. It has been almost three weeks since you presented your "Leadership Workshop" to our staff, and they are still talking about it.

The positive impact you had on our staff is phenomenal. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the best program we have had for the staff in several years.

Thank you for the workshop!

William R. Batstone, Jr.
William R. Batstone, Jr.
General Manager

Boise Cascade

Ken Marshall said you were an outstanding speaker and I have to agree. On behalf of my sales staff I want to express our appreciation for the outstanding presentation you gave us on "Making Change Work For You". Based on the feedback I have received from the participants everyone walked away with new ideas on how to adapt to our changing environment and grow. Your message has a universal appeal because everyone is impacted by change and can grow professionally and personally by employing the proper skills.

I wish you continued success. I know there are other departments Within Boise Cascade that can benefit from your training. I will send a copy of my letter to several department heads and encourage them to hear your message. Again, best of luck to you and I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

Baruti L. Artharee
Baruti L. Artharee
Western Regional Manager
Carbonless and Forms Papers

File: 405 #3

On the basis of your able assistance with our Partnering for the ongoing highway project near Tiller and other information I have about your firm, I am pleased to recommend you unconditionally for similar efforts.

The prompt and equitable resolution of the significant changes so far necessitated in the Tiller project have, in my estimation, returned the Government's investment in your facilitation many-fold.

Sincerely yours,
Glen Bedell
Glen Bedell
Construction Engineer

United States Postal Service

Just a note to thank you for the series of presentations you conducted for the Postal Service in May and June. The techniques of positive reinforcement and motivation you introduced were very well received by the participants, and we have every expectation that they will be translated directly into workroom results.

I also appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to brief yourself on the labyrinth of postal rules and procedures. Your understanding of some of our operative guidelines added a measure of credibility to your presentation.

Thank you again for a fine effort.

Edward Keonjian
Edward Keonjian
Director, Human Resources


Yes, indeed! I feel very satisfied and comfortable with your presentation and the breakout session conducted by you at the Oregon Dairy Industries Conference, February 10. I have been on the go-extensively since the Conference - hence I'm delinquent in my acknowledgement and notes of appreciation to this year's line-up of outstanding speakers.

However, my delay has provided better opportunity to determine the feedback and response of our conference participants. Basically, that feed back is ALL MOST POSITIVE AND HIGHLY COMPLIMENTARY OF YOUR EXTENSIVE PREPARATION AND PERTINENT POSITIONING OF CRITICAL ISSUES FOR DAIRY INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT! We had a number of observers from other dairy industry trade/educational organizations - they all marveled at your handling of the:

  1. orientation session for breakout group leaders,
  2. the general presentation,
  3. handling and structuring of the breakout sessions, and
  4. the overall wrap-up and summary.

All-in-all a most productive, informative and thought-provoking exercise. Everyone benefited and practically all attendees became involved and/or had their chance to make contributions or become more enlightened on a critical issue or concern of their industry.

I, the program committee, the officers and members of Oregon Dairy Industries are most appreciative of your solid input into the ODI Conference.

I understand that the Quality Chek'd Dairy Products Association has lined you up for their Spring Session in Denver - I'm pleased to see that they recognize such a capable resource.

Sincerely yours,
Floyd W. Bodyfelt
Floyd W. Bodyfelt, Professor of Food Science
Program Coordinator, ODI

Griffin College

Thank you very much for speaking to our staff and faculty members last Friday. You highlighted key topics which are very near and dear to Griffin Staff at this time, such as the motivations of students. Those who attended have given me lots of positive feedback. The overall consensus was that you are a dynamic speaker who captivated our audience and offered some good insight. Everyone felt motivated and learned some ideas which they can assimilate in their jobs.

I will be copying the video tape and will send that to you shortly. Thank you again for speaking. I look forward to hearing you speak on other campuses.

Beth Ursin
Beth Ursin
Director of Professional Development

Cascade Corporation

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent leadership training you provided to the managers here in Springfield. As you are aware, with me being relatively new as the Plant Manager, and the tremendous amount of growth and change experienced at this location, we certainly needed help in gelling as a cohesive team. Through our training with Turbo-Management, I truly believe we were able to advance to a position that would have taken years to reach if left on our own. I am very pleased with the strong relationships our management team was able to form with your guidance and perseverance.

I would also like to compliment you and your staff on the follow-up mentoring you have provided. As you explained good leadership and relationship building is an on going process. I have found it very gratifying that Turbo-Management personnel continue to be there to support our questions and help us work through our occasional problems.

Thank to the techniques learned at our training sessions, we now not only have stronger production teams, but are having great success in the formation of cross-functional teams. This has allowed us to bring a great deal of experience and participation to teams ranging from social events to capital acquisitions.

I can't swear that "Turbo" training had any great impact on our performance. However, the plant inventory turns have improved by over 27%, and profits are 48% higher than last year. One thing I can swear to is that "Turbo" has certainly facilitated our ability to share our successes and problems as a team.

Again Larry thank you for your help and you continuing support.

Clint Blunier
Clint Blunier
Plant Manager
Springfield, Ohio

[Quotations for Cascade Evaluation Report]

"Through the LDL, I gained renewed enthusiasm for my work and for Cascade Corporation in general. I am excited to be working here [at Cascade] and am enjoying my work much more."

---Tom Dixon
Engineering Team Leader (E-Clamp)


"Over the past 12 weeks, I have been much more willing and able to communicate objectives to my team. I have thus reduced delinquency and improved morale."

---Tim Nagel
Staff Manager


"Because of the LDL, I am more confident in what I am supposed to be doing as an effective manager and a team player."

---Madalyn Piar-Katter
Marketing and Communications Manager


"Through the LDL, I learned to be more sensitive to the needs and wants of others. I have greatly improved communication with my peers and shop floor personnel."

---Miles Reardon
Quality Coordinator


"I came to the LDL wanting to get to know my coworkers. Through the LDL, I have made a commitment to better my relationships with other employees."

---Pete Drake
Staff Manager


Using Turbo's services over the past years, we have realized that our biggest company asset is our employees, and that they, when "Turbo"-charged, achieve higher levels of output and job satisfaction.

It is my firm belief that great communication is a necessity for business success today. Turbo provides us the tools and methods to continually upgrade our communication and processes. It's not magic, a miracle or a new discovery. It's taking good old basic values and ideals, and living with them in our business and personal lives. It's made my life a much better place in both areas.

Stan Tonneson
Stan Tonneson
General Manager


You asked me to provide some feed back on our recent team building session.

I polled out team members and we are in 100% agreement that we could not have gotten to the place we did without yours and Larry's facilitation.

The custom tailored program to fit our particular circumstance and chemistry kept us on track without limiting our direction.

We all look forward to the follow up sessions and the possibility of expanding your program deeper into our company.

Please feel free to share my thoughts with others if you chose.

Best regards,
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton


Thank you for my new and improved skills and attitudes learned in the Leadership Development LAB.

Although many things were learned in the lab, some of the most significant items are:

  • Coaching skills to help my foremen, and other employees improve their methods & skills.
  • Improved confidence while speaking to groups or individuals.
  • Improved sales presentations.
  • Memory improvement aids.
  • Leadership principles.

Please call me for the newest session, so I may enroll one or two of our foremen who would benefit from the SIS lab.

Geoff Wenker
Geoff Wenker
General Manager

Dial ONE

When I first met you three months ago my life was going well, but... I only know how much I changed in so little time. I'm now focused. I see myself as a very successful person breaking world's records every day.

Manuel A. Castaneda
Manuel A. Castaneda


Thank you Turbo Leadership Systems for a very motivational Leadership Development LAB. It was definitely the most productive of the many seminars I've attended over the years.

Your direct approach of getting class members involved from the start and in every session definitely produces great response. The growth of participants was obvious from week to week.

One major benefit I gained was in goal setting including charting of results, the vital follow-up factor. Another was coaching techniques which encourage without putting down members. Another significant benefit was a renewed ease in speaking before groups, reinforced by practice encouragement at every session.

I am encouraging several of our supervisors to take the LAB and I'm sure our company will see significant results.

William F. Ward
William F. Ward
Vice President

Your direct approach of getting class members involved from the start and in every session definitely produces great response. The growth of participants was obvious from week to week.

One major benefit I gained was in goal setting including charting of results, the vital follow-up factor. Another was coaching techniques which encourage without putting down members. Another significant benefit was a renewed ease in speaking before groups, reinforced by practice encouragement at every session.

I am encouraging several of our supervisors to take the LAB and I'm sure our company will see significant results.

William F. Ward
William F. Ward
Vice President
Grigsby Construction Company

Fred Meyer, Inc.

This is a letter to say "Thank You."

Five years ago when we first discussed the possibility of a program to help impact the Fred Meyer Corporation. The results from our first two Leadership LABS far exceeded any of the Management Committee's expectations. The positive conversations that resulted made it easy for us to ask you to come back and train what has ultimately become almost 1000 of our most important asset, our upper and middle management team, including a number of our Group Vice Presidents.

Each time we have a managers' meeting I can easily spot Leadership LAB graduate. Their competence, poise and ability to express themselves clearly is an easily recognized sign of their additional professionalism.

You are a competent, professional trainer, and we have paid you well for your program. However, your commitment to Fred Meyer and our employees has gone beyond the duration of a class session. You have taken a genuine caring interest in each participant. This is the kind of modeling we look for to help all our employees take a genuine interest in each other, and in our customers.

Thank you again for the important part you have played in Fred Meyer's success over the last four years. I wish you continued success, both locally and nationally.

C. Dale Warman
C. Dale Warman
Corporate Executive Vice President


I still remember the evening in December of 1989, when you and Steve participated in a supervisor's dinner meeting at the Edgewater Motel. We were all impressed with your ability to teach supervisory skills in a way that required active participation by our supervisors, and the emphasis you created on teamwork and involvement. Based on that exposure and the day-long session with our management group, we were comfortable selecting you to help guide our organization into Managing for Continuous Improvement.

Over the past 18 months, you have worked continually with our management team. The work began with our Executive Staff and then cascaded down through the rest of the organization, including our relief supervisors and a few production employees. Communication and teamwork in all areas of the mill has improved steadily since our training began that Friday in July of 1990. As a group and as smaller teams, we are better problem-solvers and are more resolved to work with each other as valued customers and suppliers. We're getting results in ways that are more satisfying to us all.

These are challenging times in the newsprint industry, with severely depressed prices, an oversupply of newsprint, and continuing environmental pressures. We are fortunate to be pioneers in recycling-one of the mills in the country that successfully recycles magazines. As a small, older mill, we must continually find innovative ways to increase our quality and production, while reducing our operating costs. We have a long way to go, but over the last 18 months we have some significant accomplishments:

  • Monthly production records on both No. 1 and No. 3 paper machines.
  • Quality improvements that have elevated our position from No. 14 to No. 1 in the Dow Jones pressrooms (publishers of the Wall Street Journal).
  • Development of non-commodity newsprint products including fast food take-out bags.
  • Breaking monthly production records in our deink pulp mill for four successive months.
  • Reducing our operating costs by 10%.
  • Improving our safety standing among West Cost mills from 34th in the 1990 to 16th in 1991.
  • Accomplishing all of the above in a business environment of austerity spending.
  • Though it is difficult to measure the subjective area of morale, I sincerely believe that we have a higher level of cooperation and a better overall "attitude" among our employees than at any time since the end of our labor strike.

I can't determine the degree to which your involvement, training and encouragement has been a factor, but it has certainly made a strong contribution towards making our path of Continuous Improvement a little clearer and smoother.

Mike Barnes
Mike Barnes
General Manager
Smurfit Newsprint Corporation
Oregon City Mill

Ron's Automotive

Ron's Automotive People

I wanted you to be the first to know what has been taking place at Ron's Automotive since sending our most recent group of five team members through the Leadership Lab.

Jon Port from our Cascade Park store has been promoted to General Manager of both locations. Jason Smith has taken on the responsibility of Service Manager at our Hazel Dell store. The promotions will allow me to begin exploring the addition of another store.

The Leadership Lab has challenged our team members to grow into positions that require a higher level of commitment and dedication. It is exciting for all of us to be part of a company culture that is moving forward and growing.

Thank you for your dedication to providing the tools to help grow team members and our company.

Ron Warman

Salem Contractors Exchange

Larry -

Thank you for doing the presentation at this year's Annual Meeting. Your presentation put the spark in our meeting that has been missing. Thank you!

Kay Evans
Exchange Manager
Salem Contractors Exchange

Drive Shaft

Leadership's Role in Building a High Performance Team, Larry Dennis, Business Journal Columnist

Larry Dennis began his remarks referring to the story of the Rotarian's spouse who collected $30,000 to assist with the project in Ethiopia as a perfect example of empowering leadership. Describing himself as a fanatical optimist and sometimes paying the price for his views, Dennis foresees communities of the future to stretch across oceans and borders to accomplish great things in the world.

"Rotarians," he opined, "are way ahead of it when it comes to empowering leadership." He likened this new leadership style to rowers being in perfect synch, giving the skull the ability to lift out of the water and perform way beyond what any one oar pusher could accomplish. He also gave the example of two horses being able to pull more than double what each of them can pull separately.

"Any one of you who doesn't have your mission statement memorized," Dennis predicted, "will have a hard time of it in achieving the goals of your organization." Synergism is the ability of companies and teams in companies to far exceed the sum of their parts in productivity and achievement. "Making money is how we keep score, not what we do; it's how we stay in the game, it's not our mission."

Dennis contends that a mission leads to values, something we need to think and talk about because society is pluralistic and not agreed on the same values. He thanked Rotary for modeling volunteerism for the rest of the world.

Cascade Corporation

After attending the Saturday and Sunday sessions of the sales meeting, I would like to offer my comments and observations. This was one of the most productive and participative sales meetings that I can remember. The brainstorming sessions both days drew out many good ideas and commitments from every member of the North American field sales organization. Those who were responsible for organizing the sessions brought tools to the process that enabled the group to get into action quickly and end up with people accepting accountability for future results. Each person stood up and made a commitment to an action item and gave a deadline for when it would be accomplished.

It's one thing to discuss the merits of leadership skills training but more important to assess how the tools are being put into action in the organization to drive performance. I want to compliment those who organized and led these sessions. I'd also be interested in hearing from others who attended as to their view of the Saturday and Sunday meetings.

Greg Anderson, VP of Human Resources
Cascade Corp

"This Week" Magazine

"I experienced immediate results in my sales revenue after the first lab session. By the end of the course my sales revenue had increased 40%...I was able to see results weekly...Turbo Sales Systems truly demonstrated to me that life is most rewarding when one acts outside of his or her comfort zone."

Lynn Thurik
Sales Representative

Flightcraft, Inc.

"Newer representatives gained gained confidence while the experienced representative learned fresh approaches to their sales challenges."

James. P. Foreman
General Manager

Surety Life

"Absolutely dynamic...extremely effective for the person just starting out in sales or the veteran. Superb, down to earth, practical ideas that work for the Telephone, Approach, and the Interview process. "I highly recommend this Course-A must for the person who wants to be more effective and successful."

J. Robert Neumann
Regional Director

Northwest Broadcasting Company

"My Sales Manager, Dale Carpenter, and I have over 30 years radio experience. We have worked at transferring to our sales people the benefit of our background and experience. With TLS Sales System, you were able to help our sales representatives capitalize on the training we had already give them."

Gary Myhre
General Manager-KFFM Radio

Gilson-Ayers, Inc.

"From the first time I saw you do an inspirational talk for my sales staff, over twelve years ago, I realized that you were committed to excellence and that your enthusiasm and awareness of sales techniques would only grow. As you trained my salespeople they returned more skilled at the mental art of selling."

Jim Ayers

The King's Roofing Company

Before Turbo, The King's Roofing management was a group of over-achievers who were frustrated and slowly burning out because of a lack of teamwork in our company. Larry's approach in the retreat is to honestly face the problems we each have and not be afraid to confront these problems in a group setting. But the structure and atmosphere that was generated by the process strongly pulled us together in problem solving, so each member began to feel a responsibility to lift the other one's burdens.

As a business owner for twenty-five years, I have gotten a little cynical about the word "teamwork" because I have seen organizations use it as a buzzword instead of them really practicing it. At the retreat, however, we experienced teamwork in a real way, and it has had an amazing effect on our management. In the last two months, I have seen individual's attitudes change dramatically in a way I didn't think possible. The changes in our management team have also affected our work groups, as we have applied Turbo's principles there also.

My wife and I are involved in ballroom dancing together and dance gives you an appreciation for the words "lead" and "follow". What a feeling it is to lead a partner who is skilled and responsive in following your steps. What a wearisome battle it is to lead a partner who has his/her own agenda! I feel that I had lost the ability to truly lead our company, but now I have regained it. This one thing is my greatest reward from Turbo's influence on The King's Roofing Company.

Sincerely yours,
Jan Weinstein

Advanced American Diving Service, Inc.

I highly recommend that any company wishing to improve their performance in personnel management, public relations and customer communication, have their key personnel from the foreman level to the Chief Executive Officer of the company attend the Turbo program. I truly believe that this will result in greater company continuity and increased company profits.

Konrad Schweiger
Corporate Executive Officer
Advanced American Diving Service, Inc. - Marine Construction & Consulting

Ron's Automotive

Last April Ron's Automotive made a decision to participate in the Turbo Leadership Lab, at the time it seemed like a large investment since we are a small company of only 14 employees. The Leadership Lab has enabled our staff to work like a team. They now participate and take ownership of the problem solving process which increases efficiency of our daily operations.

After the completion of the Leadership Lab training we picked team leaders for each department, they are now managing the daily operation and handling more responsibility with a better attitude, they now see their participation making a difference in their job.

I also have to say that the Leadership Lab has given myself and others in our company a new outlook on life and a renewed enthusiasm. This has been the best training investment in our 15 years in business. Sincerely,

Ron Warman / General Manager
Ron's Automotive

Pence/Kelly Construction, Inc.

Dear Larry:

Thank you for helping Pence/Kelly develop a company wide team work philosophy. You showed my management people how to involve all of our employees as part of the team.

You have personally helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses, motivated me, and given me the leadership principles to better organize my company. The end result of your leadership class is a company that works as a team all striving toward a common goal.

Our investment in Turbo Management Systems will come back to us year after year. Thanks for working with the Pence/Kelly team. We look forward to future management training.


Curtis Pence
Pence/Kelly Construction, Inc.

Windmill Inns of America

Dear Mr. Dennis:

Thank you again for enlightening afternoon yesterday. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet you and bring this company a little closer together. I really appreciated your insight and the book.

Kelli Pfister, Corporate Sales Manager Ashland - Windmill Inns of America

July 21, 1995

We started the Turbo Management program in January, 1995. Although hesitant, I felt the individual who would be dealing with our group would fit in well. Therefore I made the decision to go ahead. Two months into the program concerns arose over the program's validity. But then; things began changing.

  • People are working together better; showing respect and understanding for other people's jobs.
  • More co-operation between co-workers, departments and plants.
  • Employees have more self-confidence and pride in their job.
  • Meetings are more productive.

In the fifth month team building began and it has been very positive. The power has been given to the employees and good decisions are coming from them. Teams are working to achieve not only their individual goals but also plant goals.

In six months far more has been accomplished than I envisioned possible. East Side Plating has six months left to go with Turbo's initial program. I believe this program will develop employees who willingly take on the challenge and responsibility of their jobs. They are bringing us into the 21st Century with employees who are motivated, proud of what they do and involved in helping make East Side Plating a leader in our industry.

Turbo Management has jump-started East Side Plating in six months to a point we have been trying internally to achieve alone in the last five years.

Thanks Turbo Management for helping me develop an unbeatable team!


Jimmy L. Thibodeau

W.G Moe

"I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Turbo Leadership Systems Leadership Development Lab since I took the Lab myself to support two of our estimators in going through the 3 month program back in 1992. I was pleased with their development and was encouraged by what I learned personally.

W.G. Moe & Sons is committed to the growth of the people who are the leadership core of our company. Since 1992, we have sent Project Managers, Mechanics, shop managers, and foremen, totaling 17, and have been extremely pleased with their growth. This program reinforces their awareness of our message and gives them the tools to work together for the common goal of our company. The key ingredient I see from the service Turbo Leadership Systems gives our employees is awareness. Awareness of our customer base, our company values, and the ability to work through those areas of concern with the tools to do so. I am proud of our association with Larry Dennis' Turbo Leadership Systems and recommend them highly.

Bill Moe
W.G Moe and Sons

Clint Blunier

"Since we began working with Turbo Leadership Systems, we have found ways to secure a level of teamwork which has resulted in improved processes and reductions in material costs. Plant inventory turns have improved by over 27%, and bottom line, profits are 48% higher than last year.

If you're interested in finding ways to tap your most important resource, gain the creativity and full engagement of your employees, Turbo can help you."

Clint Blunier, Plant Manager
Cascade Corporation, Springfield Ohio

February 21, 2000

It has been three years since we began first training with Turbo-management and just over 18 months since our last group graduated from the course. As you are aware in those three years our sales and profits at this location are up over 40%. A statistic that is equally important, if not more significant to me, is our success over the past years has provided the opportunity for us to promote nine of the twenty one employees who have graduated from your course. Truly, your pledge that Turbo training would provide benefits to the company as well as enrich the lives of the attendees has been realized.

As always thank you for helping "lead" us to success.

Clint Blunier
Plant Manager

Jimmy Thibodeau

"People are working together better; showing respect and understanding for other people's jobs...Meetings are more productive...Employees have more self-confidence and pride in their jobs. Turbo Leadership has jump-started East Side Plating in six months to a point we have been trying internally to achieve for the last five years."

Jimmy Thibodeau, President
East Side Plating

David Snodgrass

"Through Turbo processes, we discovered a 'big wall.' Individually we could not penetrate the wall; collectively, we were able to break through...We discovered the secrets to team-building inside our company, and that to really be the best, you must build interrelationships, not just 'do the job'."

David Snodgrass, President
Dennis' Seven Dees Landscaping

David Wager

"We at Pro-Tech are experiencing great things as a result of our Turbo Leadership training...We have seen an increase in teamwork and everyone is even more committed to satisfying our customers...The time we spent with you caused us to refocus our vision not only on where we are, but more importantly on where we will be going!"

David Wager, General Manager
Pro-Tech Industries

Pat Benavides

"The organization is now dealing with problems -- not personalities. There has been a dramatic change in the communications between departments; barriers/walls have come down. There is now a genuine sense that we have come together as a very strong team."

Pat Benavides, General Manager
Tube Forgings of America

Larry Dennis

As a dynamic motivational speaker, columnist, best selling author and trainer, Larry empowers teams to achieve "world class" performance.

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