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Leadership Development Lab

(LDL) Milepost 5

"Empowering Leadership: Bringing out the best so that results exceed high expectations."

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15 Principles of Engaging Leadership

Look at what LDL graduates have gained!
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"I value your friendship Larry, you already know I greatly value the increased skills I have thanks to your training. I am hopeful we can work something with Matt's employer to sponsor him as I feel he would gain a great deal from being able to participate in the LDL. I started to write if he 'attended' the LDL, but no one 'attends' the LDL, they live it, and that is surely why it is so effective."

- Ken Iverson

Ken graduated from the program over 20 years ago when his son, Matt, was just 5 years old.

LDL Testimonials

Daniel & Associates
Tube Forgings


Leadership Development LAB #284
Graduation (JH Kelly)


Leadership Development LAB #283
Graduation (Vancouver, Washington)

Leadership Development LAB #282
Graduation (Wilsonville, Oregon)


LDL 281


Congratulations on achieving another of your Leadership Development Lab Session 10 goals. Commitment turns dreams into reality.

LDL 280
Magnum Power
Longview, WA; Nov 29, 2018 - Feb 21, 2019

Ken Crocker - Shop Foreman
  • I wanted to be a better leader.
  • I am a better listener, calmer, less stressed.
  • I have better relationships with my team (closer to the guys).
  • I am happily getting my guys to do what needs to be done instead of groaning.

Kody Crocker - Tool Manager
  • I wanted listening skills.
  • I am more open-minded, more interested when talking to people.
  • My yard guys and drivers are more engaged.
  • We have created streamlined tools and dispatch procedures.

Scott Hamola - Project Manager/Estimator
  • I wanted clear communication skills.
  • The major area of improvement has been listening skills and utilizing the DARE + correction process to hold my guys positively accountable.
  • I am a more enthusiastic leader.

Kevin Knutz - Senior Project Manager
  • I wanted different, improved type of, and more effective leadership approach.
  • I have taken the teeth out of my leadership style, I'm more tolerant and listen in ways I never could before.
  • I have passed on my knowledge to our PE's, and hired an additional PE.

Mackenzie Martin - Administrative Assistant
  • I have developed more confidence and I'm more comfortable while speaking in front of a group.
  • Over past 10 weeks I created an Excel spreadsheet to track employees hours more accurately.

Mark Merklin - Estimator
  • I wanted to be more comfortable talking with people I don't know, I'm more relaxed talking to other people, and able to communicate far more successfully.
  • I am better organized using to-do lists, and get more done.

Alex Moore - Project Engineer
  • I'm a more engaging leader, and am helping others be better leaders too.
  • I am meeting my goal of bringing in a healthy profit margin on all projects assigned to me in the past 10 weeks.

Tyson Moore - Project Engineer
  • The major area of growth for me has been improvement in my existing relationships.
  • I am more committed to creating and building relationships.
  • I have created a production tracking system for my jobs.

Annette Riotola - HSE Assistant
  • I am more courageous, a far more confident speaker.
  • I am more confident using the DARE+ approach during employee safety checks, and my team is more approachable.

Steven Ritola - VP/Foreman
  • I'm more confident and have far less anxiety in (for) public speaking.
  • I have much better communication with all of our crew members.

Ward Riotola - Operations Manager
  • I have improved communication, I am listening with a receptive attitude.
  • I am more stable. This has made me far more approachable.

LDL 279
Public Class
Wilsonville, OR; Wednesdays Nov 14, 2018 - Jan 30, 2019

LDL 278
Public Class
Vancouver, WA; Tuesdays Nov 13, 2018 - Jan 2019

LDL 277
Public Class
Bend, OR; Thursdays, Dec 14, 2017 - Feb 22, 2018

LDL 276
Public Class
Vancouver, WA; Tuesdays, Dec 12, 2017 - Feb 20, 2018

LDL 275
Public Class
Clackamas, OR; Wednesdays, Dec 13 2017 - Feb 21, 2018

LDL 274
Public Class
Vancouver, WA; Thursdays; from Sept 14 - Nov 16, 2017

LDL 273
General Sheet Metal
Clackamas, OR; Tuesdays, Sept 12 - Nov 14, 2017

LDL 272
Pihl Excavating
Wednesdays; from 4/5/17 - 6/7/17

LDL 271
Vancouver Open-Enrollment

Session 8 LDL #270, Dec. 6th, 2016

LDL 269

JH Kelly LDL 254

Longview, WA

LDL 253
Tapani Underground, Tapani Plumbing, J2 Blueprint, 3 Kings Environmental, USNR, Temp-Control Mechanical Services, Hayes Cabinets, Inland Company & Schommer & Sons

Vancouver, WA | May 8, 2014

LDL 252
Tire Factory, Temp-Control Mechanical Services, Advantage Precast, Inc., Forbes Plumbing, Kerr Contractors, and Crestline Construction

Wilsonville OR | May 23, 2014

Alan Easling - Crestline Construction

David Finnigan - Kerr Contractors

Don Roberts - Kerr Contractors

Ian Heard - Tire Factory

Jeff Cole - Temp-Control

Congratulations! Jerry Pillar - Temp-Control

Kenny Kemp - Crestline Construction

Lucy Johnson - Crestline Construction

Rick Day - Advantage Precast Inc.

Sean Dickey - Forbes Plumbing

Sean Kangas - Tire Factory

Tim Whitehead - Kerr Contractors

Zach Fernandez - Tire Factory

JH Kelly LDL 251

Vancouver, WA

LDL 251 Session 8: Problem Solving portion of the session

Kerr Contractors LDL 250

JH Kelly LDL 249

Longview, WA

Congratulations LDL 248!

This class consisted of participants from Steven W. Broders Co., USNR, The Portland Clinic, Long Painting, Rose City Packaging, 3 Kings Environmental, Tapani Plumbing, Temp-Control and Michels Corp.

JH Kelly LDL 247

This class included Plumber General Foremen, Plumber Foremen, Pipefitter Superintendents, Project Engineers, Pipefitter Foremen, Pipefitter General Foremen, Field Engineers, Detailer, Steamfitter Foremen, Safety Professional, Purchasing, and JH Kelly's President.

Andy Lee

Eric Noel

Jeremy Jones

Mason Evans

Josh Atkinson

Justin Torgerson


Mark Smith

Matt Lister

Nathan Cornman

Nicole McOmie

Tom Brynelson

Troy Merriman

Wayne Bergquist

Teaching Staff

JH Kelly LDL 246

This class included Plumber General Foremen, Plumber Foremen, Pipefitter Superintendents, Project Engineers, General Superintendents, Project Managers, Field Engineers, Pipefitter Foremen, Pipefitter General Foremen, Detailer, and Ironworker Superintendent.


JH Kelly LDL 245

This class included Pipefitter Foremen, Estimators, Pipefitter General Foremen, Field Engineers, Detailer, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, Steamfitter Apprentice, and Project Engineers.

"Ooops! Larry Sr. getting the class staged for their picture."

Congratulations LDL 244!

Angela Delk - Tire Factory
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been control of my emotions. I am calmer and more present in all of my communication. In the past 10 weeks we have implemented our new SOP process in our Newberg store."

Brenton Allen - Sales/Service, Tire Factory
"I am listening to my crew and involving them with Turbo tools in a far more empowering way to improve our customer service, build our sales and profits."
Brent Kerr - President, Kerr Contractors
"I have found ways to run our meetings in a much more positive, upbeat, empowering way. We are solving problems as a team for better decisions and greater buy-in."
Chris Haney - General Manager, The Lynch Company
"What I originally wanted to gain from the LDL was enhanced leadership skills, conflict resolution and improved listening skills. The major area of improvement and growth for me has been leadership skills. I am more confident and skillful in dealing with employee issues. Some specific improvements / results that have shown up at work are accounting timeliness, organization, and profitability. The business goals I have achieved in the past 10 weeks are improved profit margins, timely accounting, and an improved relationship with the president of our company."
Eric Nufer - Controller, The Lynch Company
"What I originally wanted to gain from the LDL was to improve the ability of my staff to identify and solve problems within the framework of professional standards. The major area of improvement and growth for me has been being more aware of how I interact with others. I have better focus on explaining tasks to my staff so we are performing at a higher level."
Houston Landrus - General Foreman, The Lynch Company
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been changing from negative to positive to get better results. I am more willing to try different techniques. I was able to solve employee problems. I have achieved improved relations with all of our employees."
Jane Sarkinen - Health Management Coordinator, The Portland Clinic
"What I originally wanted to gain from the LDL was confidence in presenting and in my leadership and supervisory roles. The major area of improvement and growth for me has been presenting; I am now able to say more with fewer words. I am more confident when presenting. I now get buy-in from leadership about new projects. I made my first presentation to our Leadership Council and received their approval to start a new project."
Jon Gaylord - Sales, C&S Fire Safe Services
"I am more confident and capable in all of my interactions and communication. I feel more sure of my future."
Kacy Carter - General Manager, Kerr Contractors
"I have found ways to solve problems as a team. We get better ideas with more buy-in for greater empowerment. By using Turbo tools, I am providing better training and our profits are up."
Larry Birtcher - Manager, Tire Factory
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been learning to use Turbo's 15 Leadership Principles. I am more committed. I am concentrating most on Leadership Principle #1 - Lead From High Ideals; #2 - Become Genuinely Interested; #3 - Don't Criticize, Condemn or Complain; and #7 - Play Yourself Down. In the past 10 weeks our store has almost met last years' total sales. At this rate, we could beat last year's sales by 40%. My wife wants me to take Turbo's advanced classes."
Mark Aichele - General Superintendent, Apollo Mechanical
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been creating a team that is more of a team vs. my way. I have created a foremen's responsibility book compiled with assorted team members' ideas and input with the standards for our practices and the answers to the many questions that come up on the job. I have created a new foremen's training manual that includes - 1) Foremen's Responsibility and 2) Flow charts for daily operations."
Mark Gunderson - General Manager, Lynch Mechanical
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been dealing with people in day-to-day situations. I am more direct, to the point, and positive. I am building a team through the use of Turbo's 15 Leadership Principles, including teaching, correcting and communicating. I have found several new clients and landed work with one of them!"
Tyler Schulz - Project Engineer, Apollo Mechanical
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been problem solving and teamwork techniques. I am more open to listening to those I used to tune out, which has resulted in better relationships with coworkers. In the past 10 weeks I have become a more well-rounded manager by learning the ins and outs of estimating."
Shelbey Ewald - Eye Services Supervisor, The Portland Clinic
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been speaking in front of groups. I am more confident in coaching and correcting. By applying Leadership Principles #6 - Be An Active Listener and #11 - When You Blow It, Show It - I have had heartfelt conversations with a distant friend and we are repairing our friendship. I want to continue to improve in the area of empowerment!!!"
Teresa Pate - Front Office Coordinator, The Portland Clinic
"What I originally wanted to gain from the LDL was how to be a better leader for my team. The major area of improvement and growth for me has been providing acknowledgement to both our long-term and newer employees. I am more aware of the world around me. I am more connected with my team and am a far more active listener. I am walking around to gain 'shoe leather equity.' I have delegated more duties to free me up, and I started a monthly progress report and a daily to-do list to work from. I don't sweat over little things that may upset others. I want to continue to expand my comfort zone - just do it and not overthink things."
Tim Hayner - Operations Manager, Kerr Contractors
"The major area of improvement and growth for me has been impromptu speaking and coaching. I am more proactive in offering helpful suggestions to people. I am clearly communicating standards and requirements."
Steve Potter - Owner, C&S Fire Safe Services
"What I wanted to gain from the LDL was to make my company profitable, and develop my confidence and leadership skills; they needed a boost. The major area of improvement and growth for me has been to be more proactive and assertive, and to realize and tap the talent I have. I am more aware of giving positive feedback to employees. In the past 10 weeks we have reduced our company debt and increased revenues per employee."

Congratulations LDL 243!

The Southwest Washington Contractors Association

Congratulations LDL 242!

You are an inspiring group of empowering leaders!

Congratulations LDL 241!

Amazing growth with accompanying dramatic improvements in sales, morale, customer service and operational costs.

The Yakima class graduated on November 17, 2010 - LDL #241.

Yakima LDL 241 Feedback

What business goals have I achieved in the past 10 weeks?

  • Last month we had a 22% increase in sales, 1-800 complaint calls down to 1 in the last two months. I have decreased service times by 15 seconds, and overall systems have improved by 50%. — Richard, Store Manager
  • I was recently promoted to restaurant manager. That was my long-term goal which happened much sooner than expected, which I believe was due to what I learned in Turbo's Leadership Development Lab. — Leslie, Restaurant Manager
  • Completion of documentation on time and correct. To complete new maintenance locations books and preventative maintenance schedules. — Don, Plant Superintendent
  • Better communication with my crew and managers. Reduced turnover, more productive crew and managers, and happy customers. — Max, Store Manager
  • Our cash-from-customer to food presentation time dropped from 74 seconds to 62 seconds. — Alma, Assistant Manager
  • Lowered labor costs by 2% from September. — Eric, Store Manager
  • Getting my customer waiting area completed and keeping a good employee. — Randy, Tire Store Owner
  • Cut 10% off the time it takes to do payroll. — Theresa, Office Manager
  • Increased sales by 4%! — Baron, Store Manager
  • Lower tills, better KVS (kitchen video system) times (length of time to make a sandwich), improved hospitality scores. — Julie, Store Manager
  • Improved training for new store opening. 25% increase on SOL (Station Optimization Checklist) completion. — Micah, Assistant Manager
  • Two new crew trainers promoted and three more started in program plus three weeks at 100% in training program. — Brad, Assistant Manager
  • Opening new store with right amount (targets) of managers and working toward crew. — Jami, Store Manager
  • Promotion to a higher volume store. — Marina, Restaurant Manager
  • Improved sales and hospitality improvement in the store. — Heather, Assistant Manager

Tire Factory in Portland LDL #235 -
another very successful class Graduated on March 27, 2007

Apollo Group LDL #232 -
Graduated on July 28, 2006

Apollo Press Release Building People Wo Build Great Things
Apollo Sheet Metal Safety Award

Summer 2014

Larry delivering Session 4 of the Leadership Development Lab in Salmon Arm, BC.

Kane Hardwood, Pennsylvania

Collins Products LLC, Klamath Falls

Recent Leadership Development Lab Graduates
Recent Leadership Development Lab Graduates
Food Services of America - Seattle, Washington

Recent Leadership Development Lab Graduates
Jubitz Truck Plaza – Portland, Oregon

Proudly displayed in Jubitz Truck Plaza Hotel Lobby

Leadership Development Lab Graduates
Cascade Acoustics - Tualatin, Oregon

Wildish Construction Company Leadership Development Lab Graduates
Wildish Construction Company - Eugene, Oregon
AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award

Why Leadership Training Is Important

Creating "culture change" and implementing a continuous improvement process which results in improved product quality and enhanced customer satisfaction is successful only when all key team members are committed to their own personal growth. After you promote your top performers, then what? Great management skills don't just happen – give your best employees the tools they need to succeed as they increase their contributions to your organization. Cultivate the interpersonal skills required to successfully lead others.

Turbo's Leadership Development Lab™ (LDL) helps your key team members willingly take the initiative in providing timely feedback and constructive coaching. Your leaders develop the ability to both give and get the authority and responsibility necessary to improve performance at every level. This shared ownership results in improved teamwork, enhanced productivity, and the highest possible quality at the lowest effective cost.

Through a proprietary process that uses team dynamics and intra-group activities, the Leadership Development Lab helps you master the capabilities required in today's tough business environment. You learn to strengthen interpersonal relations, manage stress and successfully perform in a fast-changing environment. You are better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, creative problem-solver and focused leader. You develop a take-charge attitude that allows you to initiate with confidence and enthusiasm.

The Leadership Development Lab empowers you to move far beyond your comfort zone as you reach and attain ambitious stretch goals.

Twenty five years of research and the training of well over 100,000 success-minded leaders in the United States and six other countries has identified the key attributes that distinguish empowering leaders. In the past 18 years, the LAB has successfully trained over 3,540 leaders. These key attributes have been incorporated into a process that coaches you through a 5-phase continuous improvement cycle. This unique learning experience develops strengthened self-awareness through classroom participation and the successful application and analysis of leadership principles on the job. The LDL improves communication skills through group speaking, impacts attitudes, strengthens individual resolve and builds teamwork.

The program emphasizes the principles of success and shows you how to put them into action every day. Upon completion of the Lab you have a solid foundation on which to build lifelong professional growth and performance improvement.

The LDL has demonstrated its ability to help empower your team in the following major areas:

  1. Strengthened Self-Awareness — True self-confidence enables leaders to be more decisive, and creative, willing to take the initiative, acknowledge outstanding performance, ask for and make commitments, hold themselves and others appropriately accountable.
  2. Communication Skill — Empowering leaders effectively communicate their ideas with clarity upward to their supervisors and over to those with whom they coordinate. They influence and persuade others for mutual, positive benefits. The LDL fosters a collaborative work environment. Participants develop techniques that enhance personal effectiveness to influence coworkers, customers, superiors, or subordinates. Learning is highly interactive. Through practice during the 10-week program, you improve your skills, not just gain information about communication. You develop new communication habits which enable you to consistently get your point across more effectively.
  3. Attitude Control — "The ability to be a thermostat instead of a thermometer" is our definition of attitude control. Leaders develop the ability to maintain and demonstrate the right attitude under stressful conditions. You gain the skill of rising above circumstances to prevent issues from spiraling downward.
  4. Empowering Leadership — "The ability to bring out the best so results exceed high expectations". Leaders win willing cooperation and engender the desire in others to do what needs to be done. Memorization and practical implementation of the 15 fundamental leadership principles results in permanently improved performance and a culture shift that penetrates the fabric of your organization.

By helping your associates develop and grow in these vital areas, you gain enhanced teamwork, improved communication throughout your organization, and a greater commitment to excellence. The payoff is improved productivity and benchmark performance.

The LDL is divided into three areas of development, providing a logical base to attain the four major objectives listed above.

Sessions One to Five are devoted to building confidence and self-reliance, primarily through a series of successful speaking experiences. As LDL participants master the techniques of effective communication, they change their attitudes toward themselves and begin to speak more convincingly. This increased confidence results in effectively expressing their ideas in every aspect of their jobs. As a result, your team members develop a compelling desire to express their ideas with clarity and conviction.

Additional benefits gained in Sessions One through Five:

Initiate positive change Ability to plan and organize
Conversational ability Commit to stretching goals
Ability to use visual aids Awareness of others and their problems
Better memory for names and ideas Manage negative emotion
Think on your feet under pressure Develop coaching skills
Improved interpersonal skills Leverage your successes
Greater self-trust Handle crises confidently
Develop evidence and illustrations Stretch your abilities
Communicate clearly and concisely Repeat patterns of success

Sessions Six to Eight are devoted primarily to developing motivational ability. LDL participants learn how to gain acceptance of their ideas through the skillful use of time-tested leadership principles. They also learn how to add the motivational ingredient of enthusiasm. These sessions help your team manage greater responsibility and achieve improved results with and through others.

Additional benefits gained in Sessions Six through Eight:

Coping with stress and tension Practice smart decision making
Improved listening skills Generate creativity and innovation
Train others effectively Deeper insights into others
Give empowering praise Redirecting poor performers
Power of renewed enthusiasm Group problem solving
Winning the cooperation of others Being more flexible
Facilitating teamwork How to ask for action
Feedback to correct shortcomings Create a cooperative environment
Inspire others to "go the extra mile" Focus on priorities
Accept acknowledgement Process approach to problems

Sessions Nine and Ten emphasize leadership, combining effective communication and motivation skills. LDL participants learn how to focus on situations that call for sound judgment and decision-making. They also learn how to manage unfulfilled expectations to lead and participate effectively in problem-solving conferences.

Additional benefits gained in Sessions Nine and Ten:

Leading small groups Tackle complex challenges
Tap the power of motivation Breaking down communication barriers
Mentoring Skills Introducing new players to the team
Unselfish commitment to others Objective self-appraisal
Greater organizational ability Accepting problems as challenges
Build team consensus  

Each participant receives a 127-page manual and the reference books Empowering Leadership, Making Moments Matter, Repeat Business, and 15 Principles of Engaging Leadership and Communicating for Results. Awards are given at each of the ten sessions and a framed diploma for participants who successfully complete the program by attending and successfully participating in a minimum of eight of the ten sessions.

Graduates of the LDL are empowered and committed to continuous self-improvement. Through successful LAB participation, they achieve goals, become more effective, productive, and innovative. They make valuable contributions to the success of your organization now and in the future.


In order for a company to be successful, it is important for the members to be on the same page. Turbo's Leadership Development Lab drills into the heart of this with fundamental training in areas and situations faced daily. Understanding effective ways to start conversations, coach, brainstorm, praise, problem solve, introduce, etc... are all items addressed which help build skills for our leaders to be more successful. Through the LDL, our team grew as a body and in the understanding of our own potential.

— Scott Zollinger, Chief Project Manager
K&E Excavating, Inc. and President, Salem Contractors Exchange

Having a fast-paced, growing business like ours, we needed to squeeze more efficiency out of each manager and employee to continue our rapid growth. After doing our due diligence and talking with Larry, we decided to put our complete management team through the course. The results started after the first session and have continued well after the conclusion of the course. Communication is great, and the comraderies that developed afterward makes me smile. Well worth the investment!

— Jerry Sauer, Owner
Excavator Rental Services

Meaningful and continuous improvements in operational processes, which result in improved product quality and enhanced customer satisfaction, can occur only in an environment where those who impact the processes are empowered themselves, and involved in their own personal continuous improvement process.

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