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Alex Robbins, Alexander Lumber Mill LLC, Chehalis, Wash.; Donna Lee and Larry Dennis, Turbo Leadership Systems, Newbert, Ore.: and Grace Terpstra, Hardwood Federation, Washington, D.C.

Workshops & Presentations

What is a TLS Workshop?

A TLS workshop is a 50-minute, on-site meeting normally held as part of one of your regular staff meetings. You choose one of the listed topics which best meets your needs.

Each presentation is tailored to meet the unique interests of your group. Larry's advance research and organizational interviews hone in on your challenges, dreams, and issues calling for attention. His "tough on issues, soft on people" approach creates those inspirational "aha moments" that last a lifetime.

TLS workshops are thought-provoking, exciting, fun, meaningful, idea-generating, and provide a window of possibility for your team.

Method Used In Presenting Your TLS Workshop


You choose from the general topics available: Leadership; Team Building; Time Management; Customer Relations; Sales; Change; Attitude; etc.


Your people remember and use what they say. Involving the audience is tricky - we know how to get lots of participation, and everyone learns and benefits more from the experience.


Your people will be stirred inside. Your meeting is a rallying point, increasing communication, esprit de corps and teamwork. Information without inspiration breeds stagnation.


You tell us about the nuances unique to your industry, your company and your people. We tailor the message to fit your needs. We reinforce your message and support your effort to improve individual and team performance.


Action - Your people formulate a plan to implement the training presented. They are challenged to commit to taking action and implement what they have learned.

Look What They Say!

I can always tell how well a program was received by our staff by the number of hours they discuss it after the speaker has left. It has been almost three weeks since you presented your "leadership workshop" to our staff, and they are still talking about it. The positive impact you had on our staff is phenomenal. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the best program we have had for the staff in several years.

William R. Batstone, Jr., General Manager
Consolidated Freightways Employees Fed. Crdt. Union

Your enthusiasm and vitality were just what was needed to combat the chilling effects of our recent weather ... everyone left the meeting with a much brighter outlook for the future.

Carol Mageehon, Executive V.P.
Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce

We appreciate the excellent talk. I hope we will be able to hear more from you in the future. You were the star attraction. Everyone shared how much they enjoyed and learned from your speech.

Kenway Mead, Executive Director
Carpet Cleaners Inst. of the N.W.

Thank you for the presentations. The techniques of positive reinforcement and motivation you introduced were very well received ... they will be translated directly into workroom results. Your understanding of some of our operative guidelines added credibility to your presentation.

Edward Keonjian, Director, Human Resources
United Stated Postal Service

I want to express our appreciation for the outstanding presentation you gave us on "Making Change Work For You." Your message has a universal appeal because everyone is impacted by change and can grow professionally and personally by employing the proper skills.

Baruti L. Artharee, Western Regional Manager
Boise Cascade Paper Group

Select a Workshop

Introducing Turbo's New Strategic Execution Summit (SES) Program

Your executive team executes at record high levels A dynamic, aligning process to blend your manager's energies and leverage your collective strengths

  • Craft a compelling "Vision of Victory" to blast past the "stories" that block the forward thrust of your team
  • Create a galvanizing mission "slogan" that motivates, builds pride, and pulls your entire organization together
  • Define excellence for every player's role
  • Develop individual, specific 3-step action plans to ensure performance matches the agreed-to measures of excellence

SES creates the aligned energy that ensures the highest levels of execution.

Your team will exceed established targets in all key performance result areas

Check out Turbo's newest workshops!

Putting the Super in Superintendent

A 50-minute on-site, results-drive workshop

Definition of Super: Biggest, Better, Best!

Super Superintendents deliver quality results:
Safely, Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget!

But HOW? With:

  • A High Performance Team
  • Clear, Concise Communication
  • Inspired, Engaged Craftsmen
  • Infectious, Positive Energy
  • Synchronized Systems

. . . Predicable Results

Practical guidelines your superintendents will eagerly embrace.

This high-energy, interactive presentation delivered by Larry W. Dennis, Sr., is designed to optimize your superintendents' performance. You see immediate results that help take your projects to the next level with proven techniques and time-tested methods.

Taking the Complaint out of Constraint
Turbo Leadership Systems' newest Leadership Insight Workshop "Taking the Complaint Out of Constraint." Constraint is defined as "a limitation or restriction." A constraint holds you back, ties you up, holds you down.

What are your major constraints? Is it capital, talent, technical equipment, capacity, facilities, supplier reliability? What if you could make your constraint a strength that leads you to breakthrough performance? Can this be done? The answers is an overwhelming yes; not only can it be done it has been done by countless businesses and must be done in your business if you are to move past survival to "thrival."

  • Zappos customers couldn't try on shoes. That is a constraint they overcame to sell over a billion dollars a year in shoes, handbags, eyewear, clothing, watches, and kids' merchandise.
  • Google home page constrained by Larry Page's coding ability. So he made his home page super simple and dominates the search engine.
  • Mario the famous character in the world's largest entertainment business is as colorful as he is because of the challenges of eight-bit technology: to compensate for poor pixel definition, the designer gave the character a large nose to emphasize his humanity, a mustache to avoid the need for a mouth and facial expressions, overalls to make it easier to see his arms in relation to his body, and a cap to free him from the problems of animating hair.

Turbo's newest workshop will introduce you to the practices, mindsets, attitudes, and skills that are central to turning constraints into strengths. Stop any whining, saying that it can't be done, stacking up piles of evidence to prove it can't be done; instead, find ways it can be done. Make your disabling constraint into your greatest strength.

The Power of Purpose
Turbo's Newest Management Team Workshop
A strong purpose ensures your organization of peak performance. There's nothing more powerful than purpose. Purpose goes beyond mission, vision and values; purpose answers the why behind the what. Meaningful purpose provides a reason to persist. Purpose goes beyond the question, "What is the meaning of life?" In fact, life has no meaning; we give life meaning, and what gives our lives meaning is meaningful purpose. When your management team understands the true purpose of their job and their team, you will find it easier to provide the motivation that results in the behaviors that are required for you to continue to outperform your competition, satisfy your customers at every level and create an engaged, empowered workforce where innovation and continuous improvement characterize your culture.
Expandable from 1 to 4 hours

What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There - How Our Most Successful Strategies, Practices and Norms Can Become Our Greatest Enemy.
How could that be? How is it possible that we need to change that much? The Blackberry, Schwinn Bikes, Montgomery Wards could be examples. How could it be that practices that gave us a competitive advantage, helped us get here, could now be holding us back, and if change isn't embraced, may be the source of our demise? The struggle required to adapt new practices which are almost 180º from old practices, those very practices that got us here, can generate excitement or fear. This workshop helps ensure that your team is energized by the excitement of change required to grow, prosper and progress, not paralyzed by the fear of new, unfamiliar methods practices, strategies and tactics.

The 5 Disciplines of Exceptional Execution
Essential differences between Turbo-charged teams and those that putt along.

Excellence teams excel at execution. This program provides five clear disciplines that, when employed, ensure focus and execution on your organization's top priorities. Read more

How To Turbo Charge Your Team Workshop
A turbo charger ensures maximum performance from your engine. This workshop helps to ensure maximum performance from your team. By leveraging past performance and strengths, you see how to align to maximize your performance for breakthrough improvements.
1 to 8 hours for a group of 4 to 400

Fringe Benefits
"If you're not living on the edge, the fringe, you're taking up too much room." Most of us are familiar with this quote. Everyone wants fringe benefits - paid vacation, sick time, health benefits, profit sharing, and the list goes on. Unfortunately not enough people understand the benefit of living on the edge, being on the fringe. Creating a pioneering organization requires more than the executive implementing breakthrough practice. All personal growth and company innovation, all progress, all organizational breakthroughs come from the fringe. This workshop challenges your expanded leadership team to come to the edge, come to the fringe, explore what's possible, and move past resisting change to pioneering breakthrough change improvements.
50 minutes to 8 hours for a group of 4 to 400

Creating Synergistic Teamwork
Your team is introduced to the extraordinary power of synergy, and the specific strategies which create genuine teamwork. The results of your leaders working as a committed team are: increased productivity; stronger morale; lower turnover; reduced costs; more harmonious relationships; and improved customer service.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

Communicating for Results
This workshop reminds us that the single most important ability of any leader is to effectively communicate ideas. The program provides a deep understanding of what communication is, why communication breaks down, and the steps you can take to ensure that your ideas are conveyed with the greatest possible impact. As you apply the ideas presented, you solve the #1 problem in business today.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

How to Use Ronald Reagan's Leadership Principles to Change Your World
This presentation inspires your team to lead from high ideals to maximize the value of your most underutilized resource - your human resource. As they emulate the 15 Leadership Principles of Ronald Reagan, your leadership team is better equipped to more successfully initiate positive changes needed to create breakthroughs.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

How to Make Change Work for You
This powerful presentation emphasizes the significance of being proactive about change. Participants learn the five steps essential to initiating change, and how to make change happen for them, instead of waiting for change that happens to them. The tendency to fear, run from, and resist change is replaced with an attitude of eagerness - and even excitement! - about change.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

Making Moments Matter
We all have the same amount of time - 1,440 minutes a day. Those who get the most done in life are those who have mastered the use of their 1,440 minutes. Your team is introduced to the six dimensions of time and several of the 89 strategies to make moments matter.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

Repeat Business
6 Steps to Superior Customer Service - This presentation begins by reminding us who we work for - our customers. We examine the major investments required to secure new customers, and are reminded that attaining a new customer costs six times more than retaining a satisfied returning customer. To be competitive and profitable, we must secure repeat business. Six specific actions are addressed to guarantee continued repeat business. This program results in a renewed commitment to "wow" every customer, every time.
(50 minutes to 4 hours)
» A note from Western Hardwood Association

How Your Team Can Gain the 71% Advantage - This program equips your leadership team with the tools to gain the same 71% advantage that migrating geese enjoy when they fly in the "V" formation. By following the techniques outlined in the workshop, your aligned team is empowered to create immediate, sustainable, improved bottom-line results. Synergy at its best!
(50 minutes to 4 hours)

Empowering Leadership
This entertaining presentation provides participants with renewed insight into the opportunity and responsibility leaders have to bring out the best so that results exceed high expectations. Your team discovers how they either inspire and motivate, or, discourage and inhibit the performance of others. This workshop is a great reminder that policies and procedures are only meaningful when consistently implemented with an eye toward empowering and maximizing the performance of each individual and the team.
(50 minutes to 2 hours)

Surpassing Past Performance
When you hear "New World Record," do you think that is the absolute best for that particular feat? The answer is "No." Each time we hear that a world record is set, we are inspired, sometimes amazed, yet there is always the expectation that somehow, someone, will find a way to outperform the current best. In what areas would you like to surpass past performance? What strategies must be embraced by your leadership team to achieve those successes? This workshop helps you answer both questions.
(50 minutes to 2 hours)

Moving From Command to Commitment
Things change. Years ago employees were easily controlled, they readily complied to managerial commands. Today, 21st-century leaders have learned that if they wish to maximize results of their human resources, they must go beyond Control, Conformance, and Compliance. It is essential to engage Cooperation and Creativity in order to secure the Commitment of your entire team. This workshop delves into the differences, as well as the significance, of all six C's. (50 minutes to 2 hours)

4 H's - How to Engage the Heart of Your Team
This workshop makes it clear that a "good hand" or a "good head" are not enough to attain success. Unless a "good heart" is included in the mix, your bottom line flounders. When the heart is engaged, people more fully utilize their physical and mental capabilities. It is the role of the empowering leader to enlist the full person in order to maximize performance. In this program, leaders develop their ability to secure the holistic engagement of their employees.
(50 minutes to 2 hours)

Here is Larry presenting Turbo's newest short program, "Putting the 'Super' In Superintendent" for 55 superintendents for one of the most successful general contractors in central Washington.

Portland Continuing Care Organization Summit/ Launch on Saturday, April 20, 2013.

*Mass Electric's West Coast Leadership Team at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California

*a division of Kiewit"

Letter to Larry

US Postal

Pat Benavides

"The organization is now dealing with problems -- not personalities. There has been a dramatic change in the communications between departments; barriers/walls have come down. There is now a genuine sense that we have come together as a very strong team."

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