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Larry's Lessons in Leadership

How to Assure the Future Success of Your Business?

Yesterday I met Peter Truitt, the President of Truitt Family Foods His CFO, Dave Wilkins saw a copy of my book 15 Principles of Engaging Leadership [] laying on Peter's desk and told Peter that I had trained him when he was the CFO of Portland Paging and that my company Turbo Leadership Systems [] made an important contribution to the success of their business.

This lead to my successful meeting with Peter, who I had been trying to meet for some time.

I learned from this experience the importance of exceeding every client's expectations on every job. I also learned the importance of having a disciplined approach to gaining new business.

I call you to:
Excede Every Clients Expectation on Every Job and Create a Disciplined Approach to Winning New Business.

You do this and the future success of your business will be assured!

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