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Larry's Lessons in Leadership

Superior Customer Service Wins Repeat Business

When I showed up today for lunch at La Hacienda Real Mexican Restaurant in Salem, Oregon Louisa greeted me with a stack of papers I left on the table last week. We've only eaten here a few times and she didn't know if I would ever be back, but she held onto and kept care of these papers for me all week just in case I did.

This is an example of winning Repeat Business by going the extra mile to provide superior customer service. I was already happy with the food and service I had received at La Hacienda Real over the last few weeks, but now I'm a loyal, evangelical customer who will dine here every chance I get.

How are you providing extra measures of customer service? Go the extra mile for your customers and I guarantee they will come back again and again.

Teach your team 6 Steps to Superior Customer Service. Order Repeat Business today.

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Want to experience Louisa's superior customer service for yourself? Visit:

La Hacienda Real
1660 Lancaster Dr. NE,
Salem, OR 97301
(971) 304-7243

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