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The Turbo Charging Process

7 Mileposts on the Road to Continuous Improvement

Our version of the change formula DxVxFS>RC is helpful in understanding the change process. The product of Dissatisfaction with the present (D), a Vision of what is possible (V) and First Steps in reaching the vision (FS) must be greater than the debilitating Resistance to Change (RC).


Turbo Leadership Systems proprietary Triple A Approach ensures the success of your training!

ACTION: Participant involvement is a hallmark of Turbo Leadership Systems (TLS) programs. TLS training is not a passive listening or a purely intellectual experience. We forget 80% of what we hear. We remember what we say and what we do. TLS programs get you "off your seat and on your feet."

APPLICATION: You develop and share applications, plans and commitments during each session, making it easy to see where, why, and how to immediately apply what you are learning. Deliberate new applications on the job create new behaviors and habits, producing lasting value for your organization.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Without positive accountability, people tend to postpone implementing newly-learned skills and practices. What is learned is soon forgotten, diminishing the value of the training. What sets TLS programs apart are formal reports presented to your team, demonstrating how you have actually implemented actions in key performance areas. This accountability ensures changed behavior, creation of new habits, and positive cultural impact.

Turbo's leadership training equips your team to surpass previous performance. You're positioned to: exceed all benchmarks; set new standards of excellence to "wow" internal and external customers; sustain shorter turnaround times; attain maximum returns on investments; and become the employer of preference. Your Turbo-trained leadership team yields breakthroughs while balancing performance and people needs.

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
- Confucius

Cultural Benchmark Survey
(CBS) Milepost 1

"The courage to survey our employees, publish the results and leverage the information gained to improve, is the beginning of any genuine quality improvement effort."

What It Is

Turbo's Cultural Benchmark Survey (CBS) is an easy to use, state of the art analytical procedure that allows you to scale the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. The process identifies the priority actions that will help you immediately improve morale, communication and performance. You will see how to reduce frustration and waste immediately, and improve quality, customer satisfaction and profits for the long term.

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Leadership Team Advance
(LTA) Milepost 2

Creates an aligned leadership team that pursues your Vision of Victory with laser focus

What It Is

The Leadership Team Advance™ (LTA) - A process for helping your leadership team "concentrate on the vital few and ignore the trivial many". The LTA is the result of over 30 years of bottom-line responsibility combined with an equal number of years experience leading workshops with thousands of managers all across the United States and six foreign countries. This workshop is preceded by team member surveys, and then conducted at an off-sight location to ensure full engagement. Built-in accountability insures immediate, profitable action is taken.

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Cultural Quality Awareness
(CQA) Milepost 3

To achieve "World-Class" performance there must be a starting point — a "Milestone Day!"

What It Is

The Cultural Quality Awareness (CQA) event is designed to overcome the natural resistance to change and creates momentum. The CQA includes all management, staff and as many other key personnel as possible. It is desirable to have every employee present.

A strong signal must be sent inside your organization; the signal must be consistent, clear and decisive. The Cultural Quality Awareness Day allows the entire management team to understand the magnitude of the challenge we face.

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Quality Steering Team
(QST) Milepost 4

"The QST becomes the eyes and ears of your improvement effort"

What It Is

The Quality Steering Team helps ensure the focus and buy-in required for your improvement effort to have long term successful impact, continually closes the loop between all of the constituencies within your organization. The QST function is to help champion your improvement efforts. This working team helps prioritize the quality initiatives that require immediate attention, addresses the planning of change strategies and monitoring of progress, including as appropriate, the implementation of action steps. The QST helps to ensure that successes are recognized and celebrated and that new issues, challenges, and needs are...

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Leadership Development Lab
(LDL) Milepost 5

Empowering Leadership: Bringing out the best so that results exceed high expectations."

Why Leadership Training Is Important

Creating "culture change" and implementing a continuous improvement process which results in improved product quality and enhanced customer satisfaction is successful only when all key team members are committed to their own personal growth. After you promote your top performers, then what? Great management skills don't just happen — give your best employees the tools they need to succeed as they increase their contributions to your organization. Cultivate the interpersonal skills required to successfully lead others.

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Performance Team Lab
(PTL) Milepost 6

"The courage to survey our employees, publish the results and leverage the information gained to improve, is the beginning of any genuine quality improvement effort."

What It Is

The Performance Team Lab (PTL) engages everyone in the organization in the pursuit of continuous improvement. All departments, disciplines and individuals accept as a part of their job the improvement of their work process and the final outcome of the work, not just getting it handed off, so you have everyone engaged in the management of business. Performance Team Lab is not just another program. It is a new way of life in your organization. PTL assumes that every member of the organization is...

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Continuous Improvement Coaching
(CIC) Milepost 7

Continuous improvement coaching in identified areas for needed improvements helps sustain your commitment to ongoing improvement...planning and coaching in targeted areas where training is needed, including customer service, sales, supervision, process improvement, problem solving, staffing, strategic planning, and time management.

Monthly two to four-hour continuing education programs, individually tailored to your group, based on your needs as revealed by the management team, follow up Company Benchmark Surveys (CBS), and the Quality Steering Team's (QST) ongoing sleuthing efforts.

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Gale Lasko

GM of the Lamb's Thriftway stores

"We feel very confident about our ability to not only successfully compete for our market share but to expand our market share with new approaches to meeting market needs.

Thank you again, we look forward to your continuing help as we explore additional ways to help all of our managers grow and expand their capabilities to meet our customer's needs."

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